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Alfie Andrew is an 11-year-old singer and contestant on America’s Got Talent (AGT) 2023. The talented singer received vocal coaching after being scouted for The Voice Kids. He has been receiving a flood of offers to perform at various events, including a festival in Indiana, USA.

Alfie is a regular on the streets of Manchester city centre. He wowed crowds in Manchester on December 31, 2022, as he belted out Whitney Houston’s ‘I Have Nothing’. As shoppers were going about their day, many stopped in awe to watch the youngster, who performed a set of songs for about an hour to huge applause.


Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, his dad, Ste, said Alfie was ‘trying to sing before he could talk’ at the age of just one, mimicking Jessie J on stage at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

“We don’t know where his talents have come from, we suspected his mum’s side of the family because her dad was very good at playing the electric guitar,” he said.

“He hasn’t had any training or lessons at all. He is completely self-taught. The first time was when he went on the Voice Kids and he had vocal coaching and he already knew a lot about what the coach was talking about.

“The producers told him he should go busking to build up his confidence, which put the idea in his head to try it, and he absolutely loves it. He doesn’t get nervous at all. If he can’t get a spot on Market Street he isn’t happy, because he wants a big crowd.”

The singer, who attends Priestnall high school in Heaton Mersey, previously went viral on the social media site Tik Tok and made headlines after he was seen busking in Manchester to raise money for the children of Ukraine, in March 2022.

Alfie, from Reddish, regularly shares videos of himself singing songs to his Facebook page, including to the likes of Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish, Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Olivia Rodrigo and Loren Allred, which get upwards of 30,000 likes.

“Singing is all he has ever wanted to do. He isn’t like a typical kid playing video games – he comes straight in from school and just wants to go upstairs and sing,” Ste added.

“We’ve had people ring us to offer help in the future within the music industry, but he is still young so want to protect him.”

Alfie Andrew Age

Alfie Andrew was aged 11 at the time of his America’s Got Talent audition in 2023. He was born on January 26, 2011. He hails from Reddish, Greater Manchester, England.

Alfie Andrew America’s Got Talent

11-year-old singer Alfie Andrew is a contestant on Season 18 of America’s Got Talent on NBC.

Alfie Andrew The Voice

In 2021, Alfie Andrew was invited to participate in the sixth series of The Voice Kids which aired in December 2022. He sang Run to You by Whitney Houston and performed on the second day of filming with only 2 spaces left to try and win over 2 of the 4 celebrity coaches. Unfortunately, Alfie didn’t get a turn.

Alfie Andrew’s parents took to his Instagram, writing: “The experience Alfie gained from being on the show was amazing for him and after numerous auditions to get to the final stage, it has since given him the confidence to perform.

“It was the first time Alfie was given a vocal coach to help him be his best and sang with a live band for the first time. With all the traveling down London and being treated like a little star, it’s given Alfie a little taste of what he can achieve.

“Although Alfie did amazing and was probably the proudest moment for us as parents, Alfie, unfortunately, didn’t get a turn. As he didn’t get a turn, we have also been told his audition won’t be aired in any of the 3 episodes airing over the coming days but there may be a possibility you might see him hovering around in the background somewhere if you do tune in from tonight on ITV.

“It was a wonderful experience and it has given Alfie more determination to do what he loves most, sing and perform. You never know you may see him a lot sooner than you think in 2023!”

Alfie Andrew Family

Singer Alfie Andrew is the son of Ste and Emma Shields. His parents were married on August 2, 2014. He has a younger brother, Ellis, born on June 8, 2019.

Alfie Andrew Nationality

He is of English nationality.


Alfie Andrew’s Instagram handle is @alfieandrewmusic. Alfie Andrew’s parents manage his social media accounts.