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Albert Roux Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Net Worth, Cause of Death, Height, Wife (Maria Rodrigues), Obituary

Albert Roux Biography – Albert Roux Wiki

Albert Roux (born Albert Henri Roux) was a French chef and restaurateur. He began his life-long passion for the culinary arts at the age of 14 as he commenced his career as an apprentice patissier. As a callow youth of 18-years, he moved to the UK to spend time as a commis de cuisine in the old hierarchical environment within Nancy Astor’s country home at Cliveden. Having moved up the culinary ladder, he spent one year at the French Embassy in London, followed by his first tenure as a chef at the home of Sir Charles Clore in Mayfair.

He was then called on to serve his Military Service in Algeria during which time he was invited on occasion to cook for the Officers’ Mess. Upon leaving the military, Albert took up a post as Sous Chef at the British Embassy in Paris where he spent two years before leaving for the UK once again. He was employed as chef to Major Peter Cazalet at the family estate at Fairlawne, Tonbridge in Kent.

He stayed with the Cazalet family for eight years. It was the Cazalet family and many of their friends who encouraged and financially helped Albert to open his own restaurant, Le Gavroche in London’s Chelsea, in April 1967. Following the success of Le Gavroche, the Roux brothers decided to open another restaurant this time in Cheapside, and in 1969 Le Poulbot was founded on the site of an old pub. The pub style was retained on the ground floor and the basement was converted into an elegant City restaurant. It was awarded the Golden Plate by Egon Ronay in 1971 followed by a Michelin one star rating.

In the 1970s, Albert opened a charcuterie next door to Le Gavroche, which was managed by his sister. Seeing that the venture in the City had gone so well in December 1971 he opened Brasserie Benoit, later known as Le Gamin.

In 1972 a traditional English pub was acquired and transformed into an elegant restaurant and cocktail bar: the Waterside Inn was born. With each brother alternating his time between Le Gavroche and The Waterside Inn, the restaurant received many accolades including the Egon Ronay Golden Plate Award, three Egon Ronay Guide stars and was acclaimed Restaurant of the Year in 1981.

In addition, in 1985, the Waterside Inn achieved three Michelin stars. In 1986 the brothers separated their business interests and Le Gavroche was taken over entirely by Albert whilst the Waterside Inn became the sole responsibility of Michel Roux Sr.

In recognition of his invaluable pioneering work in the field of sous-vide and his dedicated programme of the training of young chefs within his own kitchens, Albert was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the Council for National Academic Awards at the University of Bournemouth in 1987.

He was a Professor at Bournemouth University and he also lectured in Hospitality departments in both Universities and Colleges around the UK and France. In 2009 Albert was also awarded the Honorary Award of Doctor of the Thames Valley University in recognition of services to the hospitality industry. A further Honorary Doctorate was awarded to Albert in 2011 by Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh.

Albert Roux Age

Albert Roux was born on 8 October 1935, in Semur-en-Brionnais, Saône-et-Loire, France. He died on 4 January 2021. He was 85 years old.

Albert Roux Wife

Albert Roux was married to his first wife Monique from 1959 until the marriage ended in divorce in 2001. He was married to his second wife Cheryl Smith from 2006 until their divorce in 2016. He went on to marry his third wife Maria Rodrigues from 2019 until his death in 2021.

Albert Roux Family

Albert Roux is survived by his wife Maria Rodrigues; two children from his first marriage, Michel Jr and Danielle.

Albert Roux Death

Albert Roux passed away on 4 January 2021 at the age of 85. The Roux Family released a brief statement on his passing. The statement said: “The Roux family has announced the sad passing of Albert Roux, OBE, KFO, who had been unwell for a while, at the age 85 on 4th January 2021. Albert is credited, along with his late brother Michel Roux, with starting London’s culinary revolution with the opening of Le Gavroche in 1967. The Roux family have requested that their privacy at this time be respected.”

His son, Michel Roux Jr said in a statement: “He was a mentor for so many people in the hospitality industry, and a real inspiration to budding chefs, including me.” He added that Albert’s sheer love of life and passion for making people happy through his food will be greatly missed.

Albert Roux Cause of Death

Albert Roux’s cause of death was not revealed.

Albert Roux Net Worth

Albert Roux’s net worth is estimated to be £2 million.

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