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Achille Lauro Biography – Achille Lauro Wiki

Achille Lauro is an Italian singer, songwriter and rapper. He is representing San Marino at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 with the song “Stripper”. He previously competed in 3 editions of the prestigious Festival di Sanremo in his native Italy, in 2019 with the song “Rolls Royce”, 2020 with the song “Me ne frego” and 2022 with the song “Domenica”.

Achille released his first mixtape in 2012. Since that first release he’s gone on to produce an EP and 6 studio albums, topping the Italian album charts on two occasions.

It’s not just music that Achille spends his time on, however. He’s acted, directed and is even an award-winning film producer, alongside hosting TV shows, putting on art exhibitions, authoring 3 books, and acting as the creative director for a record label.

Achille Lauro Age

He was born Lauro De Marinis on 11 July 1990 (age 31) in Verona, Veneto, Italy.

Achille Lauro Family

Achille Lauro is the son of Cristina Zambon and Nicola De Marinis. His father is a professor and a magistrate on the Supreme Court of Cassation. His mother is the administrator of Achille Lauro’s holding company De Marinis Mgmt S.r.l.

Achille Lauro Singer Girlfriend

Is Achille Lauro married? The singer has been in a relationship with his girlfriend Francesca Barra. Achille and Francesca appeared in the TV Series Basement Café in an episode titled “Achille Lauro & Francesca Barra”. The episode aired on 26 November 2020 in Italy.

Achille Lauro Eurovision

Achille Lauro is representing San Marino at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 with the song “Stripper”, after winning the Una Voce per San Marino song contest.

The song Stripper is about turning gender norms, as well as societal norms, firmly on their head. However, to Achille, the message runs even deeper than that. He said on the Eurovision website: “Stripper talks about freedom. It is a push for us to be as free as we can. To be able to choose and to be free to choose. I always wanted to bring on stage the concept of freedom. Not only the freedom of gender, but also the freedom of being who you want to be in your life. The only advice that I could give to my people in this regard is to accept yourself.”

Comparing the prestigious Festival di Sanremo to the Eurovision Song Contest, Achille said: “These are two different kinds of events. In Sanremo, there are no public rehearsals, so the first time you go on stage is the first time people see your performance – there is a surprise element there. And I think that in Sanremo, we are able to bring some controversial performances, we are able to bring a new wave of performance. I will try as much as possible, even though the rehearsals are public in Eurovision, to bring something different and to bring something that is unique from me. It’s very important to be different. Being unique and doing something that no one else has done before is so important as an artist.”

Achille Lauro Instagram

Achille Lauro’s Instagram handle is @achilleidol.