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Aaryn Smiley is the daughter of comedian and radio talk show host Rickey Smiley. She is a student at Baylor University in Texas and is due to graduate in 2023, according to her Twitter page.

Rickey Smiley has five children, sons Brandon Smiley, Malik Smiley and Craig Smiley as well as daughters D’Essence Smiley and Aaryn.

Rickey Smiley Daughter Aaryn Shot in Houston

Comedian and radio talk show host Rickey Smiley said his daughter was shot three times while on her way to get food late Sunday night, July 5, 2020, at a Whataburger in Houston.

During the July 6 episode of the Rickey Smiley Morning Show, Rickey Smiley said: “I wasn’t even gonna say nothing about this, I been sitting here all morning with butterflies in my stomach trying to do a show

My youngest daughter was shot last night. She in the hospital right now. That’s why I can’t have focus ‘cause I’m sitting in here trying to do the morning show and trying to book my flight to Houston.

She’s fine. I’m just so angry right now… My daughter going to WaterBurger to get something to eat last night. I go to bed around 8:30/9 o’clock and I woke up to text messages.”

During his breakfast show, Rickey also said: “All the stuff these people trying to do to fight for the rights of Black people. This is no discredit to Black Lives Matter because I believe that and I’m with that movement 110% and one has nothing to do with the other, but there are some criminals in our community that someone needs to do something about.

“I’m okay with my daughter. She’s gonna be fine. … I get the luxury of going to the hospital even if they don’t let me upstairs to see her … I get to wait in the lobby until the doctor comes down and I get to text and talk to my daughter … but just think about all the parents … that got to go pick out a casket this morning.”

Aaryn Smiley Age

She is 19 years old.

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