TF2 Soldier Voice Actor Rick May Wiki, Age, Wife, Children, Family, Cause of Death, Net Worth and Instagram

Rick May Biography – Rick May Wiki

Rick May born Richard J. May was the voice actor of Star Fox 64’s Peppy Hare and Andross. He played the role of The Soldier in Team Fortress II as well as the narrator and voice of Genghis Khan in Age of Empires II.

Rick May Age

Rick May was born on September 21, 1940. He died in April 2020. He was 79 years old.

Rick May Death

Rick May died in April of 2020, at the age of 79, due to COVID-19. According to Nintendo Everything, he “had moved into a nursing home for rehabilitation after recovering from a stroke, but unfortunately contracted the coronavirus while at the nursing home.”

Rick May Cause of Death

Rick May’s cause of death was COVID-19.

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