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Vili Milisits was an Australian pastry chef and businessman. He founded the Vili’s business in Adelaide, South Australia. He left school aged 14 to work at a cake shop in Burnside, before starting his own venture on Manchester Street in Mile End, where the original Cafe de Vilis is now. The company now exports pies and other baked goods to 24 countries around the world.

Vili’s Bakery won Business of the Year in SA in 1994 and Milisits served on several government boards for improvement in food heath and hygiene, youth and mature age employment.

Vili’s Family Bakery supports SIDS and Kids SA who are dedicated to saving the lives of babies and children during pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood and supporting bereaved families.

Vili Milisits Age

Vili Milisits was born in 1948 in Hungary. He died on 26 March 2021 in Sydney. He was 72 years old.

Vili Milisits Wife

Vili Milisits was married to his wife Rosemary Milisits. They met whilst Rosemary was working as a nurse. Vili and Rosemary got engaged in 1967. Rosemary joined Vili soon after at their first continental cake shop in Adelaide. They had two children, Simon and Alison. In 2005, Milisits and his wife Rosemary were jointly awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia for their contribution to business development and their community.

Vili Milisits Family

The Milisits family moved to Australia as refugees in 1956, escaping political unrest in Hungary.

Vili Milisits Family. Villi on far left, age 11

Vili Milisits Death

Legendary pastry chef Vilmos ‘Vili’ Milisits passed away on 26 March 2021 aged 72. On Saturday, 27 March 2021, Cafe De Vili’s Mile End shared on Facebook, writing, “As the sun rose this morning we woke to the very sad news that our mentor had passed away with his family at his bedside.

“The strongest man we knew had lost his battle. The South Australian pastry king was so much more than that to all who knew him. Hungarian by birth, Aussie by choice. A very passionate human being.

“On behalf of the Milisits family, management and staff we share this devastating news but promise to continue with his legacy. His name will forever be displayed on his world class products. His name will forever be in our hearts. Vale Vili.

“From the team at Vili’s Family Bakery, we sincerely appreciate your messages of support. For now, the family need some time for peace. We will communicate any necessary information in due course.”

Vili Milisits Lung Transplant

Milisits had been battling several health conditions, including multiple cases of pneumonia, before undergoing a lung transplant on Friday, 26 March 2021 at St Vincent’s Public Hospital in Sydney. The lung transplant was successful, but Vili died from complications shortly after at 9 pm.

Vili Milisits Cause of Death

According to The Advertiser, Milisits died from complications of a lung transplant. According to ABC News, a lung transplant Milisits received was successful, but he went on to die from an unrelated health condition.

Vili Milisits Net Worth

Vili Milisits’ net worth is unclear. He was the owner of Vili’s Bakery, one of South Australia’s iconic brands now exporting to 24 countries globally.

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