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Tzef Montana Biography – Tzef Montana Wiki

Tzef Montana is a Greek non-binary model, dancer, and queer activist. Born and raised in Greece, Montana struggled a lot as a kid in Greece. Discussing their childhood in Greece in an interview with MEL Magazine, Montana said: “As a kid in Greece, I struggled a lot. I grew up in the suburbs, in the town of Corinth, so I’m a Corinthian who had that typical sort of small-town experience. Although we have a history of helping refugees and are influenced by these integrations, there’s still great homogeneity in Greece. I was visibly different from my peers to begin with, because my parents were European and African and because my body didn’t look like that of the other boys. I didn’t have that typical Greek build. I was tall and lanky. I looked like a girl; I’ve always looked like a girl. Every single day of my life there, for as far back as I can remember, the whole village called me “it.” People would question my gender out loud, expecting, and sometimes demanding, a response. “Is it a boy or girl?” “What is it?” “Is it a girl?” Every time people asked my mother and father about my gender or sexuality, why I was so girly or whatever.”

In May 2016, Montana paused their career in music management to pursue modeling. They have since walked in fashion shows for designers including Eckhaus Latta and Hardeman and have appeared in numerous editorials, as well as on The Tonight Show. They are represented by A List Agency, an International Talent/Art Agency based in Los Angeles.

Prior to their modeling career, they worked as an Artist Manager at The RSE Group from May 2014 – Jun 2016 and as a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) of Music Business at California State University in Los Angeles from Oct 2013 – Mar 2014. Montana was a Marketing Intern at Interscope Records from Nov 2012 – Apr 2013 and worked as a Music Manager at EMI Music from Feb 2010 – Aug 2012.

Sophie Xeon Partner

Tzef Montana and Sophie Xeon were in a relationship. They met on a shoot for Charli XCX’s “After The Afterparty” music video in Los Angeles in 2016, according to Vogue. Montana was cast as a zombie, while Sophie had produced the track.

Talking to Vogue about their first encounter, Montana said, “I looked in the mirror and saw her coming. I thought the way she looked was over the top—curly hair and high-waisted pants, like a hybrid of a cute poodle and Michael Jackson at his hottest.”

Sophie said, “The first thing Tzef said was, ‘why are you late?’ I couldn’t believe someone who didn’t know me would talk to me like that.” She added, “We were both really annoyed by each other, and it stayed like that for a long time.” One day, Tzef decided to bury the hatchet, taking Sophie to a restaurant for what turned out to be their first date.

Tzef Montana Sophie Xeon Breakup

According to social media, Tzef Montana and Sophie Xeon broke up in the summer of 2019. The reason for the break up is unclear since none of them publicly addressed the apparent break up in the aftermath.

Tzef Montana Age

Tzef Montana was born and raised in Greece. They are of Greek, Ethiopian, and Belgian descent.

Tzef Montana Instagram

Tzef Montana’s Instagram account (@tzefmontana) has over 17k followers.

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