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Tim Gunn Biography – Tim Gunn Wiki

Tim Gunn is a restorer of vintage bicycles and cars, as well as an expert on the BBC’s The Repair Shop. He is the owner of Gunn & Co., an automotive restoration business. According to his bio on the Gunn & Co. website, he is a “Bicycle restorer, preserver, vintage car enthusiast, engineer, buyer, seller, designer, maker, barn finder, collector and the chap restoring vintage bicycles etc on BBC TV’s; The Repair Shop.”

Gunn’s father was a restorer of vintage racing cars and owned a workshop on their Essex farm. This is where his father taught him the ways of a workshop and how to repair things. When Gunn was 13, his father took him along to visit a local bicycle collector who had offered to fit some gears to his grandfather’s 1930s Sunbeam bicycle. The tour of that workshop changed his life.

Gunn became fascinated by ancient bicycles. He rebuilt and rode them, but that wasn’t enough to quash his creative mind; so started to build his own the way he wanted; taking inspiration from old designs. One such design was built by Carlo Bugatti. A strange square-framed racing bicycle with a fixed wheel and drop handlebars. This was the first bicycle he built and more followed. A ‘GN’ with as many gear mechanism’s he could fit, three Bamboo framed bicycles inspired by early aircraft, two Lawson Bicyclette creations and a ‘Boris Bike’, which was commissioned and then auctioned for the Lord Mayors charity.

All great fun, and while all this all kept him busy, it became apparent to him that there was no company catering for the bicycle enthusiast for restoration, sales or parts. In 1995, all this interest became ‘The Old Bicycle Company’, and it wasn’t long before enquiries came in from all over the world.

Gunn sourced and stocked everything he could find that could be fitted to an old bicycle, along with championing old brands of the cycle industry. However, making manufacturers believe in his concept was very difficult. After a trip to a trade fair in Germany, he came back with a deal to stock Brooks leather saddles. The Old Bicycle Company later became the largest dealer in the UK for Brooks products. Pashley from the UK, and Schwinn cycles from the USA were added to the company. They all complimented the sales of vintage bicycles.

However, the market became very competitive and The Old Bicycle Company became all-consuming to keep the cogs turning and a decision was made in 2015 to take it back to its engineering roots and incorporate his other passion; vintage cars. He founded Gunn & Co.

Tim Gunn Repair Shop

Tim Gunn is the vintage bicycle expert on the BBC’s The Repair Shop. He joined the series in 2018.

“It is a privilege to be part of this amazing group of people. The value in each item that comes into the barn, is in the stories they hold and we get to restore them,” Gunn said.

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The Repair Shop expert Tim Gunn’s age is unclear.

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Vintage bicycle expert Tim Gunn’s Instagram is @gunnandco.