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Talakai Biography – Talakai Wiki

Talakai is an American singer who works as a server by day at Tower Cafe. He also focuses on singing and songwriting at night. He is a contestant in season 24 of NBC’s The Voice.

Having struggled with confidence for many years, Talakai has always dreamt of performing on a big stage and is honored to be a part of “The Voice.”

He is an R&B and hip-hop artist from Sacramento, California and he looks a heck of a lot like John Legend. He also scored a hit as a youngster with a song called “Beautiful Creation,” released in 2008 under the stage name Young Dee the Singer.

In his Spotify bio, Talakai says he used music and poetry as his escape from the reality of growing up in foster care and being a victim of abuse and hardship. “I decided to take control of what I could and that was always how I made people feel with my voice and my music,” he writes.

And on TikTok, he recalls one of his many foster mothers telling him that music “isn’t going to take you anywhere … Stick to finding a real job!” His reaction: “Why not do both?” His message: Don’t let others keep you from doing what you’re passionate about.

In that Spotify bio, Talakai says he adds that he has also battled mental illness and depression, something he takes on in his 2020 single “Beautiful Day.” “When I wrote this song it helped me battle my anxiety and depression,” he wrote on Instagram. “Life isn’t perfect, but I try my hardest daily to see beauty in it.” You can check out the music video below.

Talakai, who has also use the stage name D Young, describes himself as a “R&B singer who sometimes expresses my passion in melodic rap and spoken word. My poetry is turned into a song that speaks to listeners willing to invite me into their hearts.”

Talakai Age

He is 34 years old as of 2023. He was born in Sacramento, California.

Talakai The Voice

Talakai is a contestant in the 24th season of The Voice. He sang Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me,” prompting John Legend,to be the first coach to turn his chair, followed by Reba McEntire a short time later.

Legend could immediately sense he had found what looked like his long-lost twin. “Wait till you see his face,” he said before fellow coaches Gwen Stefani and Niall Horan turned around after Talakai wrapped up his performance.

“I’m looking at myself,” he continued. “Like a taller, more handsome version of myself onstage.”

Legend said he gets photos of people saying they look like him, but he doesn’t always agree.

“And then I turn around and look at you and we have the same haircut,” he said, drawing laughs. “He really, legitimately looks like me.”

Talakai said he’s used to hearing the comparisons. “Every day at work I get it. In school, they used to sing ‘Ordinary People’ down the hallway, all the time,” he said.

Looks aside, Legend liked what he heard from Talakai and heaped praise on him.

“I love the richness in your voice, the tone,” he said. “I know for sure you have the ability to be so great on this show. Get a little more storytelling into it, it’ll make it so you’re undeniable to everybody.”

Talakai chose to team up with Legend, who then hopped out of his chair and took a selfie with his new protégé and doppelgänger, whom he called “one of the most handsome men I’ve ever seen.”

Talakai Husband

Singer Talakai is married to his husband, Alejandro. Around his adoption time, Talakai navigated his sexuality and dated a woman. While together, they had a son, Demani, but broke up after Talakai realized he was truly gay. He later met his husband, Alejandro, who also has kids from a previous marriage to a woman. They got married and blended their families.

Talakai Parents

The Sacramento singer grew up with his grandparents according to his bio on NBC. After his grandpa passed away when he was 10, Talakai was repeatedly abused, ran away and found a shelter in Sacramento with the help of other individuals who were homeless. The shelter contacted child protective services, which started a long journey into foster care. After many years of potential forever homes, Talakai’s friend’s mom eventually adopted him.

Talakai Nationality

The singer is of American nationality.


His Instagram handle is @talakaiofficial.