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Shanika Dedunu Yeomans Wiki, Age, Great Pottery Throw Down, Husband, Children, Nationality, Ethnicity

Shanika Dedunu Yeomans Biography – Shanika Dedunu Yeomans Wiki

Shanika Dedunu Yeomans is a potter, ceramic artist and contestant on The Great Pottery Throw Down 2024. She is the owner of Polware Pottery, a handmade pottery studio based in Bristol, England. The name “Polwarepottery” comes from the word “pol” which is the Sri Lankan name for “coconut”.

Born in Sri Lanka, Shani had a traditional Buddhist upbringing. She showed interest in clay as a child in the South Asian country, digging holes in the ground to look for clay and also to find water. She made little pinch pots with the clay she found and enjoyed it so much throughout her childhood.

In December 2004, the disaster of the Tsunami destroyed her family home in Sri Lanka. In November 2006, Shani moved to England and set to study and work as a dental nurse. But it was after watching her eldest son playing with some clay in her back garden, that her interest in pottery was rekindled.

Shani’s pottery work is inspired by her Sri Lankan heritage. Most of her pottery work is kitchenware/homeware. She mostly concentrates on painting her pottery with the ancient Chinese celadon glazes. She has completed a glaze chemistry degree course.

Shani recently started making planters, which “I weave Macrame hangers from the outer husk or hair also called coconut coire ropes that my mother in Sri Lanka makes me.”

Shanika Dedunu Yeomans Age

Shanika Dedunu Yeomans was born in the island of Sri Lanka. The Great Pottery Throw Down 2024 contestants are aged between 24 and 67.

Shanika Dedunu Yeomans Family

Shanika Dedunu Yeomans is married with four young children. Shani met her future husband in October 2004. Her husband is a lapidarist. The pair plan to introduce his lapidary and smithing work into her pottery work in the future.

“My husband is a lapidarist and we plan to introduce his lapidary and smithing work into my pottery work in the future, along with decorative enamelling work,” Shani told the Westcountry Potters Association. “The both of us are constantly having new ideas and new directions, but we have four young children to bring up. Therefore getting the pottery business up and running is taking far longer than we would like.”

Shanika Dedunu Yeomans Great Pottery Throw Down

Shani is a contestant on Series 7 of The Great Pottery Throw Down on Channel 4. The 12 potters joining The Great Pottery Throw Down in 2024 are Andrew Macbean, Cadi Froehlich, Dan Sandham, Daniel, Dave Short, Donna, Edward King, Janet, Princess, Shani, Sophie Wootton and Steven Broughton.

Shanika Dedunu Yeomans Ethnicity

Shani is of Sri Lankan heritage.


Shanika Dedunu Yeomans’s Instagram handle is @shanikadedunuyeomans.