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Kate Greville Biography – Kate Greville Wiki

Kate Greville is a PR executive and the ex-girlfriend of Ryan Giggs. Kate first came to the spotlight in 2015 as Ryan Giggs’ marriage to Stacey Giggs was crumbling. The Sun reported that Ryan had been flirting with Kate, bought her expensive handbags and sent flowers to her office after she helped him with the launch of his Hotel Football venture.

Kate was married at the time to her husband Damian Burke. Kate and Damian married in 2011 in a glitzy £40,000 ceremony in Ibiza. Damian grew suspicious when Kate began working closely with Giggs in 2013.

Damian told friends: “Kate is a fame-hungry wannabe wag. She was never going to stop until she bagged a footballer.” He told The Sun she dumped him by text in 2015. Her ex-husband Damian Burke accused Giggs of being “the third person in our marriage”.

When the scandal broke that Kate could be involved with Ryan, she went to work in Abu Dhabi to escape the furore. In October 2017, The Sun reported that Kate and Ryan were back in touch. In December 2017, Giggs and Stacey’s divorce was confirmed. Ryan and Stacey Giggs married in 2007 and divorced in 2017. In January 2018, Giggs hired Kate as Head of PR. In August 2018, Giggs and Kate are pictured on holiday together as a couple.

Ryan Giggs Girlfriend Kate Greville – Kate Greville Ryan Giggs

Ryan Giggs and Kate Greville were pictured on holiday together as a couple in August 2018. Though they had been linked together since 2015, a Sun exclusive in October 2017 told how their relationship had been rekindled.

Giggs got back in touch with Kate after his divorce was finalised and they talked about getting together. A source told The Sun: “It’s hard because she’s based in Abu Dhabi and Ryan is still in the UK, but he travels the world for business so they have opportunities to meet up.”

In January 2018, Giggs hired Kate as Head of PR and Communications at GG Hospitality – the firm owned by Giggs and his former team-mate Gary Neville.

In August 2018, Giggs and Kate were pictured on holiday together as a couple. An onlooker who saw them wandering around the town of Ravello said: “They were very relaxed and happy — like they had known each other for a long time. Kate looks every inch a footballer’s Wag and he looked pleased as punch to have such a trophy on his arm.”

In November 2020, Giggs was arrested and released on bail after a suspected assault on a woman that’s believed to be Kate. There were reports of a “disturbance”, with a Greater Manchester Police spokesman saying: “Police were called at 10.05 pm on Sunday to reports of a disturbance. A woman in her 30s sustained minor injuries but did not require any treatment.”

On 23 July 2021, Ryan Giggs appeared at Manchester Crown Court where he denied assaulting and controlling his former partner, including allegations he threw her belongings out of his house and threw her out of a hotel room naked.

He was asked for the first time to formally enter pleas to the three charges he faces. And he pleaded not guilty to coercive and controlling behaviour of his ex-partner Kate Greville, assault occasioning actual bodily of Greville, and assault by beating of her sister Emma Greville.

Reading the charges to Giggs as he stood in the dock, the court clerk said it was alleged that “between August 31, 2017, and November 2, 2020, at a time when you were personally connected to Kate Greville, engaged in behaviour towards Kate Greville that was controlling or coercive, which had a serious effect on Kate Greville, namely that it caused Kate Greville serious alarm or distress, which had a substantial effect on Kate Greville’s day-to-day activities at a time when you knew, or would have known, that that behaviour, would have a serious effect on Kate Greville.

“The particulars of the offence are: Messaging her and or blocking her when she was on nights out with others, or she asked about your relationship with others.

“Threatening to send e-mails to her friends and her employers about your sexual relationship and behaviour.

“Throwing her belongings out of your house when she questioned you about relationships with other women.

“At the Stafford Hotel in London, kicking her in the back, and then throwing her out of the hotel bedroom naked followed by throwing her bag at her when she accused you of flirting with other women.

“Sending constant unwanted messages and making constant unwanted calls to her and her friends when she tried to break off your relationship.

“After she had tried to break off the relationship, regularly turning up unannounced and uninvited at her home, workplace and gym.”

Giggs also entered not guilty pleas to the charges of causing actual bodily harm and assault by beating, both alleged to have occurred on the same date, November 1 last year. Giggs spoke only to confirm his name and to reply ‘not guilty’ as the charges were readout.

A trial date has already been set for January 24 next year with a current estimate of 10 days. However, Judge Hilary Manley ordered a pre-trial review hearing to be held on October 8.

Giggs, of Chatsworth Road, Worsley, Salford was released on bail with conditions he does not contact directly or indirectly Kate or Emma Greville and does not go to any address where they are.

Kate Greville Age

Kate Greville is 37 years old. She is originally from Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England.

Kate Greville Sister

Kate Greville has a sister named Emma Greville.

Kate Greville Instagram

Kate Greville’s Instagram handle is @kategreville. The account is set to private. She is also on Twitter @KateEAGreville.

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