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Riley Gale Biography – Riley Gale Wiki

Riley Gale was the lead singer of Dallas thrash metal band Power Trip. The band released two albums on Southern Lord, 2013’s Manifest Decimation and 2017’s Nightmare Logic.

Gale formed Power Trip in 2008 with a lineup consisting of drummer Chris Ulsh, bassist Chris Whetzel and guitarists Blake Ibanez and Nick Stewart. The band released their first EP “Armageddon Blues” in 2009, followed by the self-titled “Power Trip” in 2011.

The band then released two full-length studio albums, “Manifest Decimation” in 2013 and “Nightmare Logic” in 2017. In 2018, the band released the compilation album “Opening Fire.” Gale also collaborated with Body Count, the thrash band featuring rapper-actor Ice-T, on the 2020 song “Point the Finger.”

Riley Gale Age

Riley Gale was 34 years old.

Riley Gale Death

Riley Gale died on Monday, August 24, 2020, at the age of 34. The Gale family confirmed the news in a statement via Power Trip. The statement states: “It is with greatest of sadness we must announce that our lead singer and brother Riley Gale passed away last night. Riley was a friend, a brother, a son. Riley was both a larger than life rock star and a humble and giving friend.

“He touched so many lives through his lyrics and through his huge heart. He treated everyone he met as a friend and he always took care of his friends. We will celebrate Riley’s life and never forget the great works of music, charity, and love that he left behind. You, the fans, meant so much to him, please know how special you are. If you have a memory of Riley please share it, no matter how small, as we remember him.”

Riley Gale Cause of Death – Riley Gale Cause of Death Reddit

Riley Gale’s cause of death has not been revealed.

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