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Richard Madley Auctioneer Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Salary, Fees, IPL, Bargain Hunt, Wife, Family

Richard Madley Biography – Richard Madley Wiki

Richard Madley is a British auctioneer, antiques dealer, expert on BBC’s ‘Bargain Hunt’ and ‘The Antiques Roadshow’ and former Indian Premier League (IPL) auctioneer. He hosted IPL auctions for over a decade, from its opening edition in 2008 to 2018, after which he was replaced by Hugh Edmeades, the current IPL auctioneer. He is currently an ECB Level-2 cricket umpire in the UK.

Madley is a second-generation auctioneer, former international hockey player and cricketer, who played cricket at a modest level in the Surrey County League. In addition to working in auction houses, he has also been a regular feature on television and radio. Having made regular TV and radio appearances on BBC and ITV, Madley was one of the pioneers who helped BBC prime time favourite ‘The Antiques Roadshow’ become such a success in the USA.

His time in New York saw him conducting auctions of baseball memorabilia, where he raised several thousand dollars for worthy sporting charities and appeared alongside Gary Player, Derek Jeter (New York Yankees) and Keith Hernandez (New York Mets). He was the last person to conduct an auction at the top of the ill-fated Twin Towers in New York.

Madley’s life in the auction room is built on the foundation of a 40-year love affair with furniture, a fascination for oriental carpets, a passion for 20th century British Art and a proud obsession with sport. An unexpected invitation from IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi and IMG Head Andrew Wildblood to conduct the inaugural player auction resulted in the most extraordinary day in this auctioneer’s life.

Well-versed in selling Impressionist paintings and Chinese works of art for millions of dollars, Madley was now confronted with how much to ask for Shane Warne, Adam Gilchrist, Chris Gayle and Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Given his background in sports, he is considered to be one of the world’s leading sports auctioneers. He was the first to pioneer the auction of rugby memorabilia and is frequently chosen by the Welsh Rugby Players Association as an auctioneer.

Madley is an avid collector of antiques. He began collecting stamps and then moved to coins but became hooked on bottles; all by the age of 11. “My father bought me a box of Britain’s lead soldiers which I added to, then sold them all to buy my first house. I built up an impressive collection of postcards which I sold to re-roof that first house,” said Madley. “I built up an even better collection of Poole Pottery over twenty years which I sold to pay school fees. My current area of collecting is Wisden Cricketer’s Almanacks which I will probably sell to finance my nursing home fees!”

Madley was destined for a career in antiques. “My father was an auctioneer, my father-in-law was an auctioneer, my mother-in-law was an antiques dealer. What choice did I have?”

Richard Madley Bargain Hunt

Richard Madley is an auction expert for the BBC TV game show ‘Bargain Hunt’. He has been a regular on the BBC’s Bargain Hunt since 2014. On how he got involved in Bargain Hunt, Madley told the BBC:

“I was approached by a former series producer to ask if I would like to try out for the programme as there were one or two possible vacancies. I went through an interview at BBC Bristol. A location screen test in Peterborough, another one-to-one screen test in my auction room and eventually an invitation to come and make a programme. All the other experts said they went through a much simpler process so I think it must have been me!”

On life on the road, the auctioneer said: “A career in the international auction market has taken me literally around the world – from Sydney to San Francisco, so travel is all part of the game. What Bargain Hunt has given me however is the opportunity to visit great antiques fairs like Newark, Peterborough, Ardingly & Westpoint – which I have found fascinating and fun.”

The favourite part of his role is “giving the contestants a good time, making them feel welcome and relaxed and most importantly having FUN! It is the contestants day so you want to make it memorable and enjoyable, so if I see plenty of smiles I’ve done my job.”

Richard Madley Antiques Roadshow

Richard Madley was one of the pioneers who helped BBC prime time favourite ‘The Antiques Roadshow’ become such a success in the USA. He has worked frequently on Antiques Roadshow, featuring as an appraiser sharing knowledge on a number of intricate antique items.

Richard Madley IPL Auctioneer

Richard Madley is a former Indian Premier League (IPL) auctioneer. He conducted the world’s most widely viewed auction – that of cricketers playing in the IPL. He was dubbed “The Hammerman” after the first auction and the nickname has stuck. A stalwart of the IPL story since inception in 2008, Madley conducted all IPL auctions until 2018. In 2019, he was replaced by Hugh Edmeades.

On February 12, 2022, veteran auctioneer Richard Madley took to social media to share some memorabilia before the auction for the 15th season began. He tweeted a photo of his original auction sheets from 2018, showing R Ashwin and Ben Stokes leading the charge.

“Vintage #IPLMegaAuction memorabilia. My original 2018 auction sheets — showing R Ashwin and Ben Stokes leading the charge,” Madley wrote. “Good luck to all teams in the #IPLAuction. I am proud to have played my role #SOLD.”

Richard Madley Age

Former Indian Premier League auctioneer Richard Madley was born in 1958. He was born and raised in Cardiff.

Richard Madley Wife

Is Richard Madley married? He is married. Madley and his wife have an impressive collection of Poole Pottery and vesta cases.

IPL Auctioneer Richard Madley Salary

In a normal auction situation, Richard Madley is paid on commission and therefore rewarded to drive the prices up. As an auctioneer in the IPL auction, Madley has no incentive to drive the prices upwards. The role of the auctioneer is to make sure the players get distributed fairly around the franchises. So, the only people who benefit from the prices being driven up in the IPL auction are the players themselves. The players don’t pay Madley and “so I have no incentive to drive the prices up. I am just there to call what I see and make sure that it’s done in a fair way, in a friendly way,” Madley told Times of India.

As an IPL auctioneer, Richard Madley received a fixed salary. He has never divulged how much he’s been paid for it, only going so far to say: “I earned a fee I was very happy to receive and the IPL were happy to pay me.” He held the record for selling the most expensive cricket player ($2.4m) and one of the highest sums ever paid for Indian real estate.

Richard Madley Net Worth

Auctioneer Richard Madley’s net worth is estimated to be £3 million.

Richard Madley Instagram

Richard Madley’s Instagram is @madleyrichard.

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