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Paige Adele Thompson Biography – Paige Adele Thompson Wiki

Paige Adele Thompson is the suspect accused of hacking into Capital One’s system, accessing credit card applications and compromising the personal data of more than 100 million people in the U.S. and Canada.

On her personal GitLab page, Paige Adele Thompson described herself as a “Programmer, sysadmin, electronics enthusiast.” Another profile states that she works at Netcrave Communications in Seattle. On a Meetup page, Thompson also described herself as the CTO of the company.

Capital One Data Breach 2019 – Capital One Data Breach 2019 Hacker

Capital One revealed the massive data breach in a news release on July 29, 2019. In the news release, Capital One explained that the “largest category of information accessed was information on consumers and small businesses as of the time they applied for one of our credit card products from 2005 through early 2019. This information included personal information Capital One routinely collects at the time it receives credit card applications, including names, addresses, zip codes/postal codes, phone numbers, email addresses, dates of birth, and self-reported income.”

Capital One’s CEO, Richard Fairbank, added, “While I am grateful that the perpetrator has been caught, I am deeply sorry for what has happened. I sincerely apologize for the understandable worry this incident must be causing those affected and I am committed to making it right.”

The bank says neither credit card numbers nor log-in credentials appear to have been compromised.

Paige Adele Thompson Capital One Hacker Arrested

Thompson was arrested by FBI agents in Seattle and faces a federal charge of computer fraud and abuse. Paige Adele Thompson is accused of hacking into a Capital One computer “without authorization” sometime between March and July of 2019. She obtained “information contained in a financial record of a financial institution and of a card issuer.”

According to the criminal complaint, the FBI honed in on Thompson after “information obtained from the obtrusion” was found on a GitHub page with Thompson’s name attached to it. A tipster had emailed Capital One on July 17, 2019, to alert them to the post. The message included a link to a file, that was confirmed to contain information for getting into Capital One systems.

The complaint added that Thompson often used the alias “erratic” on message boards and other online platforms. This served as another clue for investigators in tracking her online movements.

The FBI listed in the criminal complaint all of the online platforms investigators uncovered that appeared to lead to Paige Adele Thompson. The original GitHub profile linked to a GitLab page, which included Thompson’s resume.

Investigators further uncovered a Meetup group, a Slack channel and a Twitter account all affiliated with Thompson. The user “erratic” posted on the Slack channel on June 26, 2019, a list of files they possessed.

The complaint states that Thompson appeared to brag about the information she had accessed related to Capital One. The FBI agent wrote that Thompson had “made statements on social media fora evidencing the fact that she has information of Capital One, and that she recognizes that she has acted illegally.”

In one message written on June 27, Thompson wrote, “I wanna get it off my server that’s why Im archiving all of it lol … it’s all encrypted… I gotta find somewhere to store it.”

The FBI also included a screengrab from a Twitter post allegedly written by Thompson on June 18. It mentioned Capital One directly. “I’ve basically strapped myself with a bomb vest, f*cking dropping capitol ones dox and admitting it.” She then adds that she had social security numbers, along with full names and birth dates.

If convicted, Thompson faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000.

Paige Adele Thompson Age

Paige Adele Thompson is 33 years old.

Paige Thompson Amazon

According to a resume that was posted on GitLab, Thompson worked as a level four systems engineer at Amazon from May 2015 to September 2016.

She also lists prior jobs as a software engineer at companies including ATG Stores Inc, ConnectXYZLLC and Seattle Software Systems. The resume states that Thompson attended Bellevue Community College but did not graduate because she left for a “career opportunity.”

Paige Adele Thompson Twitter

Paige Adele Thompson’s Twitter account has been suspended.

Paige Adele Thompson Instagram

Paige Adele Thompson’s Instagram has since been deleted.

Paige Adele Thompson Trans – Paige Thompson Transgender

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