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Mungo MacCallum Biography – Mungo MacCallum Wiki

Mungo MacCallum (born Mungo Wentworth MacCallum) was an Australian political journalist and commentator. He cut his teeth covering federal politics in the Canberra Press Gallery from the 1970s to the 1990s. His career spanned more than 40 years. He wrote for the country’s leading national and state daily newspapers and contributed to numerous magazines and broadcast media, with witty and intelligent stories.

MacCallum covered federal politics for The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, Nation Review, and the National Times. He wrote columns for the The Byron Shire Echo and The Northern Star and devises The Saturday Paper’s crossword. He continued to write regularly up until his death for Byron newspaper The Echo and a weekly blog in The Monthly. He also published several books. His books include Run Johnny Run, Poll Dancing, and Punch and Judy.

In his final piece, he wrote: “I never thought I’d say it, but I can no longer go on working. It takes all my effort to breathe and I’m not managing that too well. And now my mind is getting wobbly – hard to think, let alone concentrate. So I am afraid there is not much point in continuing to push the rock up the hill. I shall retire to my Lazy Boy recliner, and doze over the television watching (or not) old sporting replays, propped up by drugs, oxygen and the occasional iced coffee. I am rapidly winding down. I am sorry to cut and run – it has sometimes been a hairy career, but I hope a productive one and always fun. My gratitude for all your participation.”

Mungo MacCallum Age

Mungo MacCallum was born on 21 December 1941, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. He died on 9 December 2020. He was 78 years old.

Mungo MacCallum Wife

Mungo MacCallum was married to his wife, Jenny Garrett.

Mungo MacCallum Family

Mungo MacCallum was the son of Mungo Ballardie MacCallum,a journalist and pioneer of television in Australia, and Diana Wentworth, a great-granddaughter of the Australian explorer and politician William Charles Wentworth. He was a nephew of William Charles Wentworth IV, who was a Liberal member of the House of Representatives (1949–1977) and a strident anti-communist.

Mungo MacCallum Death

Mungo MacCallum died on 9 December 2020, at the age of 78. In 2014, he was diagnosed with throat cancer, and three years later he was also diagnosed with prostate cancer, which spread through his bloodstream and into lymph nodes and a hip bone.

In 2014, it was falsely reported that MacCallum ha died. This was after fellow journalist and close friend Anne Summers posted a tribute on Twitter. She wrote, “Vale Mungo MacCallum. Journalist and gentleman. His words and wit will outlive him.” It turned out he was living and lunching at a Mullumbimby cafe with his wife, Jenny Garrett, and a friend.

Following MacCallum’s death, The Monthly editor Nick Feik paid tribute to MacCallum on Twitter. Feik tweeted: “The great Mungo MacCallum has left us. After years battling ill-health, he passed away this afternoon. He was a legend of Australian political journalism. We will remember him for his irreverence and humour, his humanity and his insight. Mungo, you will be missed.”

Mungo MacCallum Cause of Death

Mungo MacCallum’s cause of death was not revealed. Since 2014 he suffered a heart attack, throat cancer, emphysema, and prostate cancer.

Mungo MacCallum Net Worth

Mungo MacCallum’s net worth was unclear.

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