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Marcus Brigstocke Biography – Marcus Brigstocke Wiki

Marcus Brigstocke is a British comedian and actor. He started his career in comedy while at Bristol University, as part of the Club Seals troupe alongside Danny Robins and Dan Tetsell. He won the 1996 BBC New Comedian Award at the Edinburgh Festival.

Brigstocke is a regular on Radio 4 with appearances on I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue, The Now Show and Just a Minute. He has written and recorded five series of his hit show Giles Wemmbley-Hogg Goes Off. Most recently, he co-starred alongside Kerry Godliman in two series of The Wilsons Save the World. Marcus’ debut play, The Red, was commissioned by BBC Radio 4 and won the BBC Audio Drama Award in 2018 for Best Single Drama. Following on from this success, Marcus directed a stage version and brought it to Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2019 to much critical acclaim.

According to Off The Kerb, Brigstocke has notched up an impressive list of TV credits including his role as team captain on Argumental (Dave), and host of The Late Edition and I’ve Never Seen Star Wars (BBC Four). Other appearances include; Live at the Apollo (BBC One), Have I Got News for You (BBC One), Mock the Week (BBC Two), QI (BBC Two), Sorry, I’ve Got No Head (BBC One), The Late Edition (BBC Four), and The 11 O’Clock Show (Channel 4).

Brigstocke is the master of satirical comedy and has proved to be blisteringly funny over a wide range of topics including; climate change, religious extremism, immigration, loans companies, the Special Relationship, compensation culture, women’s magazines, the EU, and David Blaine, not to mention his own personal battle against his middle-class roots.

Brigstocke has also found himself treading the boards of the West End with a critically acclaimed performance as King Arthur in Monty Python’s Spamalot, and as Station Master Perks in Edith Nesbit’s The Railway Children at London’s Waterloo Station in 2011.

Brigstocke’s book God Collar, released in June 2011 and based on his award-winning Edinburgh and West End show, is a scathing look into modern faith that will leave you laughing out loud and examining your own beliefs in equal measure.

Brigstocke starred in the 2016 short film, Never Land, inspired by the terrible storms that are wreaking havoc on the country, seen through the eyes of a ten-year-old boy.

Marcus Brigstocke Age

Comedian Marcus Alexander Brigstocke was born on 8 May 1973 in Guildford, Surrey, England.

Marcus Brigstocke Wife

Marcus Brigstocke married comedian Rachel Parris in 2019. The couple originally met at Edinburgh Festival in 2013, where Brigstocke was putting together an improvised show, and open to meeting new collaborators.

“Rachel was one of the people I met. Both of us were in relationships,” he told The Times. “I said to a friend: ‘She is great, by the way.’ He looked at me funny. I said: ‘Obviously she’s gorgeous but we’re friends. It would ruin everything.’ And that’s how it was for a long time.”

A few years later, at a New Years Eve party, the pair shared a kiss, and the rest was history. “It was obvious to both of us that this was right. I was more tentative and cautious, as I’d already had a failed marriage and kids,” Brigstocke remarked, referring to his former wife Sophie Prideaux, and their two children.

Marcus Brigstocke First Wife

Marcus Brigstocke was married to his first wife, Sophie Prideaux, from 2001 until their divorce in 2013. Sophie divorced Brigstocke after discovering year-long affair with former Emmerdale actress Hayley Tamaddon. According to divorce papers seen by The Mail on Sunday, Sophie cited her husband’s infidelity as the cause of their marriage breakdown.

The divorce papers state: ‘The adultery began in June 2010 and the Petitioner became aware of the adultery in July 2011. The Respondent (Mr Brigstocke) admits the adultery.’

Brigstocke was touring with the Monty Python musical Spamalot when he began his affair. They first met when they performed in Spamalot and toured the country for months with the West End show, with Mr Brigstock declaring later: ‘I never wanted it to end.’

At the start of the tour, Tamaddon had just split up with her fiance Darren Charles. She blamed her participation in Dancing On Ice – which she won – for the break-up of her relationship after Charles cheated on her.

Marcus Brigstocke Family

Marcus Brigstocke lives in South West London with his wife Marcus Brigstocke, and their son, Billy. Brigstocke has two children; Alfie and Emily from his first marriage to Sophie Brigstocke.

Marcus Brigstocke Net Worth

Marcus Brigstocke’s net worth is estimated to be £2 million. Brigstocke and ex-wife Sophie Prideaux lived in a £1.9 million home.

Marcus Brigstocke Celebrity MasterChef

Comedian and actor Marcus Brigstocke will be cooking in week one of Celebrity MasterChef 2023 alongside broadcaster and reality star Dani Dyer, actor James Buckley, TV personality Mica Ven and TV and Radio personality Richie Anderson.

BBC Celebrity MasterChef Interview

What made you want to do Celebrity MasterChef?

I’m a foodie – borderline obsessed with it and there’s also at nothing I don’t like. So that played a big part. But also a good friend of mine won Celebrity MasterChef a few years ago, and I’m absolutely done with him holding that victory over me. Alexis Conran – he’s a really great mate and a brilliant chef.

What was it like walking into the MasterChef kitchen?

It is genuinely daunting. I’ve seen it on telly for so many years so to walk in and take part is surreal and intimidating. John and Gregg were so nice, very friendly and welcoming. But you’re still cooking for people who really know their stuff and also working in a kitchen where you don’t quite know where everything is or how it works. In your own kitchen, there’s a rhythm to how you cook and that all goes away on MasterChef. You’re like, ‘oh, what’s this? I’ve run out of that. How do you turn these on?!’ That said I’m enjoying it.

How have you prepared to take on the challenge?

I have done a fair bit of practice cooking. I’ve been up to see Alexis a couple of times. I walked in and demanded, ‘come on, man, give me the tips, give me the juice, give me the inside stuff’. I’m trying so hard. I want to do well.

What do your family think of your cooking?

They like it, generally. I made something recently for my son that he would not eat and he wasn’t wrong, it wasn’t good. But that was partly me practicing something brand new for MasterChef, so that’s okay. It was gross and it all stuck together and felt grainy and weird in your mouth. But I do the cooking much of the time and I really enjoy it, and they are mostly pretty complimentary.

What would be your desert island dish?

Probably Paella. It’s perfect for a desert island. Lots of wonderful fish fresh from the sea. I’d just need to grow rice, onions, tomatoes and saffron… Mmmm paella!

What are the three things you always have in your fridge and why?

Cheese. Other cheeses and cheese. I’m a level one cheese master and an international cheese judge. Seriously.

Favourite dish to cook at home?

For the last year or so it’s been biryani. A proper biryani is really something. I always thought it was just rice with the meat mixed in, but if you do it properly it’s exceptionally good. There’s something about breaking the pastry lid on a biryani and those aromas coming out that I hugely enjoy.

Marcus Brigstocke Height

Marcus Brigstocke stands at a height of 6 feet 2 inches (6′ 2″/1.88 m).


Marcus Brigstocke’s Instagram handle is @marcusbrigstocke.