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Marc Gilpin was an American child actor best known for playing young Sean Brody in Jaws 2. Gilpin landed his breakout role as the title character in 1978’s Where’s Willy? That same year, he starred as Sean Brody in the sequel to the Steven Spielberg blockbuster hit Jaws.

He beat out hundreds of other boys for his role in the Jeannot Szwarc–directed film, which also featured small roles for two of his three siblings: April Gilpin played Renee, while Peri appeared as an extra.

Gilpin later guest-starred on CHiPs before he appeared with April on Fantasy Island. More big-screen roles followed in movies including The Legend of the Long Ranger, Earthbound, and Surviving, which co-starred Ellen Burstyn, River Phoenix, and Molly Ringwald. His part in the latter led to Gilpin signing with a manager, who also took notice of his sister Peri. She would later find fame for her role as Roz Doyle in the hit NBC comedy Frasier.

After appearing in episodes of the series Silver Spoons and the films Right to Kill?, China Beach, and She’s Out of Control, Gilpin pursued a career as a software engineer.

Marc Gilpin Age

Marc Gilpin was born on September 26, 1966, in Austin, Texas. He died on July 29, 2023, in Dallas, Texas. He was 56 years old.

Marc Gilpin Wife

Marc Gilpin was married to Kaki Gilpin. They have two children.

Marc Gilpin Family

Marc Gilpin was the son of Wes Gilpin and Barbara Bushway. He had three siblings: April, Pattie, and Peri Gilpin. He is survived by his older sister, former Frasier star Peri Gilpin, his wife, Kaki Gilpin, and their two teenage sons. The ex-actor previously lost his sister April in 2017 and his sister Patti in 2020.


“Jaws 2” child actor Marc Gilpin passed away on July 29, 2023, at the age of 56. His older sister, former Frasier star Peri Gilpin, announced the news via a tribute post from actor David Morwick, sharing it in her Instagram story on August 2, 2023. Alongside a picture of Gilpin and actress Martha Swatek in Jaws 2, the post praised his performances throughout his career.

“RIP Marc Gilpin. Anyone who knows me will know that I love Jaws and Jaws 2,” actor David Morwick wrote. “Here he is with actress/model Martha Swatek. Their scenes together would end up being the most famous and my favorites.”

“He also gave a powerful performance in the movie Surviving. Also starring Molly Ringwald, Zach Galligan, Ellen Burstyn, Marsha Mason, Paul Sorvino, River Phoenix. A movie way ahead of it’s time.

“He was the brother of Frazier star Peri Gilpin another favorite of mine. What a talented family. Jaws 2 was the first film I saw on the big screen as a little kid. I would take all my action figures and act out all the parts in my room. Where it all began .. I’m so glad I got to talk with him he gave me the best advice and was the nicest guy. Sending prayers to his family. Soar with the angels Marc.”

Marc Gilpin Cause of Death

Marc Gilpin died on July 29, 2023, in Dallas after a long battle with glioblastoma, an aggressive brain tumor. Gilpin’s cancer diagnosis was first announced in 2022, when the family started a GoFundMe page to offset his medical and household expenses. The page revealed that doctors had discovered two tumors in Gilpin’s brain, one of which could not be surgically removed.

The page’s most recent update shares that after months of looking at good scans, doctors had discovered a new growth, which Gilpin was fighting with a more intense treatment plan. “So many people have reached out to us in this past year to support. It’s been humbling,” Marc Gilpin’s wife, Kaki Gilpin, wrote in the May 2023 post. “And I thought I was already humble enough. Damn. Marc is an amazingly strong man and he wants to continue the battle. So do I and our boys. Any parent would be so proud of their kids if you could see how Spencer and Presley are living with this.”

Marc Gilpin Net Worth

Marc Gilpin’s net worth is currently unknown. He lost his job as a software engineer after his cancer diagnosis and was home with his wife, an elementary school teacher who took time off work to care for him. The family started a GoFundMe page to offset his medical and household expenses. The GoFundMe has raised $45,895.

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