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Mac P Dawg Biography – Mac P Dawg Wiki

Mac P Dawg was a Shoreline Mafia group member. He is known for “Let Me Know,” featuring Ohgeesy, “On the Go,” “Salt Shaker” and “Savages.”

In a 2019 interview with AllHipHop, Dawg narrated how he rose with Shoreline. He said, “Fenix was the first person I linked up with. I was a freshman, he was a junior. Even since middle school, I was always kicking it with people older than me. Didn’t hang with people my age. I was into the same bullsh*t as him. We were young delinquents, degenerates just doing dumb sh*t. Going to stores, robbing people, etc.”

In 2019, Mac told The Hype Magazine his aspirations in the music industry. He said, “I’m just a 23-year-old Hispanic based outta LA doing what I gotta do to support my family. I can’t do what I’m doing right now to get money forever so I gotta move on to something I’m more passionate about. I was always into music so that had to be my go to. Now I’m confident that this what I gotta do.”

Mac P Dawg Age

He was 24 years old. He celebrated his birthday on January 14.

Mac P Dawg Death

Mac P Dawg was reportedly killed in Los Angeles on April 6, 2020. Adam Grandmaison, popularly known as Adam22, tweeted: “Shoreline Mafia associate Mac P Dawg was gunned down in LA tonight. Rest In Peace.” Adam22 is a record executive and podcaster known for interviewing up-and-coming musicians.

Fenix Flexin whose real name is Fenix Rypinski, paid tribute to Mac on Instagram and Twitter. He wrote on Instagram, “Speechless bro love u always, macpforever.” He tweeted: “Sh*t was supposed to turn out hella different no cap smh , sh*t ain’t been the same Nd never will #PDAWG4L #OTXPRESIDENT.”

Shoreline Mafia Members

1. Fenix Flexin


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2. Ohgeesy


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3. Master Kato


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Mac P Dawg Real Name

Mac P Dawg’s real name is Jordan Carter.

Mac P Dawg Net Worth

Mac P Dawg’s net worth is unknown.

Mac P Dawg Girlfriend

Information about Mac P Dawg’s girlfriend is being updated.

Mac P Dawg Instagram


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