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Leah Bracknell Bio – Leah Bracknell Wiki

Leah Bracknell born Alison Rosalind Bracknell, was an English actress, known for her role as Zoe Tate in the ITV soap opera Emmerdale (1989—2005), for which she was nominated for the 2002 National Television Award for Most Popular Actress and won the 2006 British Soap Award for Best Exit.

Bracknell went on to appear in other TV series such as Judge John Deed, Casualty 1907 and Doctors and also took stage roles in Gaslight and Strangers On A Train.

Leah Bracknell Age

Bracknell was born on 12 July 1964 in Westminster, London, England. She died in September 2019 aged 55.

Leah Bracknell Husband – Leah Bracknell Partner

Bracknell was married to her first husband Lyle Watson, with whom she had 2 children. They divorced and she was married to her second husband Jez Hughes from 10 March 2017 until her death in September 2019.

Leah Bracknell Children

She had two children.

Leah Bracknell Parents – Leah Bracknell Family

Bracknell was the daughter of English television director David Ian Bracknell (1932–1987) and Chinese-Malaysian actress Li-Er Hwang. Her parents met while filming The World of Suzie Wong in Hong Kong in 1959. David was an assistant director and Li-Er played the part of “Wednesday Lu” in the film.

Leah Bracknell Health

Bracknell was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in September 2016 after almost dying from an acute pericardial effusion and cardiac tamponade. She made appearances on This Morning and Loose Women where she talked about her cancer and her determination to fight it. In August 2019, Bracknell revealed that she was on an immunotherapy clinical trial.

“I chose to cultivate a relationship with my disease. To ask it: why are you here? And what have you to teach me? I discovered that when I ceased regarding cancer as my enemy and looked beyond the fear, it gave me the opportunity to embark on a profound personal healing journey, emotionally and spiritually that has transformed my whole outlook on life,” Bracknell wrote about her cancer diagnosis on her blog.

“Having cancer has restored a deep appreciation and gratitude for my existence. It has been an awakening. Cancer has been my greatest challenge, but also my greatest teacher, one that has rekindled my passion for life. It has taught me that a life well lived is the best medicine, that we can all be the alchemists of our own “healing”, whatever the outcome, and that life is not merely about existing or surviving, but thriving with a capitol T. Cancer has given me back my life.”

Leah Bracknell Death

Bracknell died in September 2019 at the age of 55. Her death was confirmed in a statement from her manager, on behalf of Bracknell’s family. The statement said:

“It is with the deepest sadness that Leah Bracknell’s family confirm that Leah passed away in September, three years after her diagnosis with stage 4 lung cancer. They would like to thank all the public for their support and generosity which contributed to the extension and quality of her life over the past three years. Leah continued to embrace life and faced her illness with positivity. Many aspects of her journey can be found on her blog.

The statement continued: “Leah was best known and much loved as Zoe Tate in Emmerdale. She also had roles in Judge John Deed, A Touch of Frost, The Royal Today and DCI Banks to name just a few, as well as numerous appearances on stage and in pantomime. As well as acting, Leah was also an accomplished yoga teacher and shamanic healer. ‘Leah had an energy and enthusiasm for life, a kind heart and much love to give to those around her. ‘Her family have asked for privacy at this very sad time.’”

Celebrity Deaths 2019

ITV drama boss John Whiston paid tribute to Leah Bracknell in a statement: “Everyone on Emmerdale is very sad to hear of the death of Leah Bracknell. Leah was a hugely popular member of the Emmerdale cast for over 16 years. During that time she featured in some of the show’s most high profile and explosive plots and always delivered a pitch perfect performance.

He continued, “Zoe Tate was one of soap’s first lesbian characters and Leah made sure the character was both exciting and credible. Leah herself was a very generous and caring colleague, much loved by cast and crew alike.”

Leah Bracknell Cause of Death

Leah Bracknell’s cause of death was lung cancer.

Was Leah Bracknell a Smoker

Bracknell had dismissed smoking as the cause of her terminal lung cancer in an emotional chat before her tragic death. Leah wrote movingly about the guilt she’d felt for having previously smoked, despite professionals reassuring her that it hadn’t caused her cancer.

During an appearance on the show in October 2016, she told This Morning hosts HollyWilloughby and Philip Schofield, “I did smoke in the past. The lung cancer was quite a shock, I haven’t smoked for decades and decades. Normally people are diagnosed later. It came honestly out of the blue. I was vegetarian, I don’t drink that much. I was fit for my age.”

Leah Bracknell Height

Bracknell stood at a height of 5 feet 3 inches (1.6 m).

Leah Bracknell Net Worth

Information about Leah Bracknell’s net worth is being updated.

Who Did Leah Bracknell Play in Emmerdale

She was cast in the ITV1 soap opera, Emmerdale playing the role of vet and land owner, Zoe Tate. She appeared in the programme for 16 years from 1989 until leaving the series in 2005. The character was the first lesbian on a British soap and at the time was one of the longest-featured gay characters on television.

Leah Bracknell Instagram

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