Who Is Kirsten Corley? Chance The Rapper Girlfriend Kirsten Corley Wiki, Bio, Age, Transgender, Nationality, Instagram, Parents, Family, Siblings, Height, Net Worth, Ethnicity and Pictures

Kirsten Corley Biography – Kirsten Corley Wiki

Kirsten Corley is Chance The Rapper’s wife.

Kirsten Corley Age – How Old is Kirsten Corley

She is 25 years old.

Chance the Rapper Daughter

Corley and Chance the Rapper have a daughter, Kensli Bennett. Kensli was born in September 2015.

Chance the Rapper Wife

Chance the Rapper married his fiancée, Kirsten Corley, in Newport Beach, California, on March 9, 2019. A copy of their marriage certificate states that they had actually been legally married since December 27, 2018. They had a civil ceremony in their native Chicago with judge Scott McKenna.

In a series of tweets on March 6, 2019, Chance told how he met his wife Corley. He wrote: “In the year 2003, my mom used to work as a real estate agent at a black owned franchise called Re/Max Exclusive Properties. One night, she took my dad and my brother [rapper Taylor Bennett] and I to one of her office parties to get better acquainted with her co-workers. I was 9 years old at the time so I was prolly oblivious to what was going on and had no say in how I spent my evenings, anyway.

“That being said I was probably playing a gameboy in a corner or eating candy, initially unimpressed by my surroundings. But THEN… out of nowhere, we were all told to make room, to spread out and make a circle for a presentation. This is where my memory comes back in a photographic manner. We were instructed to make way for an exclusive performance by DESTINY’S CHILD!!

However, the girl group’s members, Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, did not appear. Instead, three young girls, one of them being Corley, took their positions as Destiny’s Child’s “Independent Women, Pt. 1” started playing.

“Now I’m locking eyes with the prettiest girl I ever seen in my almost-a-decade of life on earth,” the “No Problem” rapper recounted. “I really shouldn’t even say locked eyes cause really, I was just staring at her; as she and her girls were conquering this choreography and mastering the art of lip-synching in a way even the most professional performers have yet to accomplish.”

Chance’s dad, political aide Ken Bennett, encouraged him to join the girls’ performance, but he declined.

“I knew I was gonna marry that girl. And I aint wanna jump the gun. So I shook my head with anxiety, moved to the back of the crowd and never even introduced myself. 16 years later it’s happening This wknd is the time, and the place is my wedding. I’m gonna dance with my wife because this is my destiny.”

Kirsten Corley Nationality

Corley is of American nationality.

Kirsten Corley Transgender

This information is being updated.

Kirsten Corley Instagram

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