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Jo Roberts Biography

Jo Roberts (born Josephine Roberts) is a dealer of decorative artefacts, artist and antiques dealer on BBC’s The Bidding Room. She originally trained as a teacher, then became a mum before returning to education as a mature student and becoming an artist. With no intention of changing her career, her creativity and intuition took over and she became a dealer of decorative artefacts.

The dealer refers to herself as a Purveyor of Decorative Artefacts, saying: “Words, particularly unusual words, have always been important to me.

“A Purveyor, because I do more than just buy and sell things, I’m a business that provides a service. The customer is not just someone buying something, they are someone to engage with, discuss what they like or need, someone to maintain a relationship with.

“Decorative, well, lets be honest, the vast majority of items that I sell are just that – they are to adorn the house or garden. And these are the items that make that house into a home.

“An Artefact “is an object that is made by a person, such as a tool or decoration, especially one that is of historical interest.” For me, it is the aesthetic of the object , what it is made from, how it is constructed, its history – sometimes known, more often not known – that draws me to it.”

Jo Roberts The Bidding Room

Decorative artefacts dealer Jo Roberts is one of the resident dealers on BBC’s The Bidding Room, where she battles it out with other dealers to buy items bought by the public.

Jo Roberts Bidding Room Age

Jo Roberts’ age is unclear.