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Jennifer Howell Biography – Jennifer Howell Wiki

Jennifer Howell is the founder and CEO of Art of Elysium. She is a former friend of Amber Heard’s sister Whitney Henriquez and lived with her after a falling out with Johnny Depp at the Eastern Columbia Building. Howell said she met Heard and her sister at the Los Angeles premier of Pineapple Express where she was the guest of James Franco. Henriquez went to work for Howell in 2014.

Born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Jennifer Howell landed in Los Angeles shortly after graduating from Emerson College with a B.A. in Mass Communications and Film.

An accidental philanthropist, Howell had a movie career in mind before fate dealt her a different hand. After a close friend was diagnosed with Leukemia, she began spending more time in hospital rooms and experienced first-hand the loneliness of hospitalized and medically fragile children.

Soon after, Howell began volunteering at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles with a group of friends, most of whom were artists, and in the fall of 1997, The Art of Elysium was born. What began as a group of friends with a mission to make sure no child goes through treatment alone, became a new way of looking at art and its capacity for social change.

Since The Art of Elysium was founded in 1997, it has been called the preeminent arts charity in Los Angeles, serving over thirty thousand individuals in communities in need per year, and thousands of emerging, volunteer artists.

Jennifer Howell Letter to Whitney Heard

Here’s Jennifer Howell’s letter to Whitney Heard explaining why she’s telling the truth about her and Amber in a sworn declaration and asking her why she’s still covering the abuse she (and Johnny) endured at the hands of Amber during the past years, via Adam Waldman, Johnny Depp’s Attorney. The letter is titled “FROM JENNIFER HOWELL TO WHITNEY HEARD” and dated “July 25, 2020 at 12:38 pm PST “.

Dear Whitney,

This is one of the most important letters that I have ever written in my life. I asked to write a letter to you in my own words after receiving two subpoenas yesterday to give testimony of my knowledge of what happened to lead you to stay with me after leaving the Eastern Colombia Building and the Penthouses of Amber and Johnny. The reason this letter is so important to me is that you, my chosen sister, are so important to me and I am hoping that, the truth will sekyou ihinagiallagsaitur and being forced to live someone else’s %instead of given the freedom to live your own.

I feel that I am writing this on behalf of everyone who loves you and wants to help save you from, yet again, fighting a battle that is not yours to fight. Outside of google alerts for the charity and what is the media circus going on right now, I have been unaware of the ins and outs of what is happening between Amber and Johnny. It was brought to my attention that you made reference to Amber, kicking you out of the Penthouses and went to live “on your boss’ floor.” I don’t think it took them too long to connect the dots and figure out who your boss was at that time. I have been trying to catch myself up to speed on everything and am afraid that there are different storylines between what I shared and what you shared.

I spoke with Adam Waldman this morning and was asked some questions and answered honestly with my account of the situations. Just so you know, Adam was respectful, kind and understood my allegiance in all of this is to you and you alone. I have never been more upset during any of this drama than I am right now at the thought of and Hunter to go to London and entangle you in all of this. If you feel that you have been asked or compromised in any way to do anything that might perjure yourself, I beg you to recant and, for once in your life, think of yourself first. You have found an incredible man and have this beautiful and amazing child, and if anyone would ever put you in a position to risk that, they do not love you.

I have shared the names of the other staff at The Art of Elysium who were on board while you were there and heard your accounts of these situations. I am not sure if they will be subpoenaed, but their names have been submitted to the record. I hope you know that the little family created during your time at The Art of Elysium all love you very, very, very much.

It crushes my soul, knowing that you may hate me for the rest of your life and never speak to me again. Losing your friendship is something that I am willing to risk if it frees you, Hunter, and Gavin from all of this and allow you to build your family and your life for you and you alone. You have been my every prayer, every thought, and every consideration.

I stated while being questioned that I do not have dates nor timeline because when you showed up to stay with me, I never thought twice about giving you a home and was happy to provide you with my guest room and have you in the safety of my place. I never wrote down when you moved in nor when you left because my home was and will always be your home. I have entered to record that I am happy to share any text messages, e-mails, or anything that they need from that time to help appropriately piece together specific dates and an accurate timeline. I have offered anything that I have to help shed light on the absolute truth and put an end to all of this to move on with this next chapter of your life. I promise you that the next chapter will be your best yet.

The things that came up during the deposition with Adam are as follows:

–the incident on the stairs that was one of the inciting events that lead you to ask to move in with me. You told me and others on staff that you tried to stop Amber from attacking Johnny and nearly got thrown down the stairs. At no point in time was it ever said to me that Johnny had hit Amber nor abused her in any way. Had you ever expressed concern that Johnny was abusing Amber, I would have gotten a social worker or someone to help you to remove your sister from that situation. I would have done anything to help you in any way. My
Father reminded me this morning that I told him that “Whitney had moved in with me because she was terrified of her sister.”

–while you were living with me, you told me Johnny kept checking in to see how you were doing and that he called you “sis” and you called him “brother.” You said to me on multiple occasions that you did not know why he was staying in it nor why he was putting up with Amber’s abuse. You shared with me the damage endured by both of you as children and the injury you had suffered from Amber both psychologically and physically. You were devastated during this time, and my heart broke for you. My heart still breaks for you right now.

–when you came back from New York (I believe it was for Tribeca Film Festival, THE ADDERALL DIARIES premiere or both) you shared with me and everyone in the office that Amber freaked out, attacked you and threw a wine glass full of red wine at you in the elevator. Again, my dates are uncertain, but I am 100% certain of what you shared and have asked a few others who heard it in the office to make sure my facts are accurate.

–while Amber and Johnny were in Australia, you were in the office sitting in the black and white chairs near the kitchen and loudly proclaimed, “oh my God, she has done it now. She has cut off his fucking finger”. I am not sure if this was before or after Boo and Pistol were back in the US and coming into the office. Other staff was in the office at that time and might have a better grasp of the date.

–in regards to the extramarital affairs, I only have information you and others shared with me. It is my understanding all of that is completely irrelevant other than James giving a sworn testimony to what he did or did not see on Amber’s face that day in the elevator. I told Adam that if James were asked anything at all that I know without a shadow of a doubt that he would speak to the truth because I know his heart and his conscious and the spiritual journey that he is on to be accountable for anything he has ever done that might have inadvertently hurt anyone and to go to great lengths to make amends and do what is right truly. I encouraged him to speak to James directly.

–when Elon came up in the deposition, I shared only what I know from you and Paige. February 9, 2019 when I came to see you and meet Hunter is when this conversation with you and your Mom took place. I told them I had been told that Elon had gifted Teslas, but Amber found out that they were bugged. I was told that Amber said he was controlling, abusive and that she was in a legatbattle4ith litriiaer the rights to embryos that theY7Id created together. He wanted to destroy them, and Amber tried to keep them to have a baby. That is the day that your Mother told me that Johnny was either an “angel” or a “saint” compared to Elon, and she wished that Amber and Johnny would reconcile. I was indeed taken aback because this was after the divorce and when Hunter was under a year old, and I was at your house. She told me that Amber and Johnny were still in touch and that they were each other’s true loves or something to that exact sentiment. You were still going through the emotions of having had a baby and all of these ups and downs, and I could not believe that Amber and Johnny’s relationship was being discussed while you were the one who needed to be the focal point and needed our support. I think I called Tash when I left your house but need to look at my phone records to be sure whom I called. It was someone who knew everything from you, and I confided in them how concerned I was after visiting you.

–the other things that were discussed were the character reference letters that I wrote on behalf of Amber for her volunteering with the charity, the $250,000.00 donation that came as an Anonymous Donation on behalf of Amber Heard (I shared that I had believed that the contribution was from Elon but have absolutely no recollection of you telling me that but for some reason that was put in my head by something either you or someone else on staff said), your thoughts on Rocky freeloading off of Amber and then freeloading off of Johnny and your overall thoughts on Rocky (I let them know that I did not think that there would ever be a worlc in which you would conspire with Rocky to do a cover up for Amber given your feelings about her) and after The Art of Elysium had been used in press during the divorce and I had been asked on multiple occasions to write letters regarding Amber’s volunteering with the charity and no donation came into The Art of Elysium but went to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and the ACLU that Amber’s publicist told me that they were more prominent charities with a more significant press reach and got international press. You were aware of all of that already, but just want to share everything that was discussed.

I asked if it were ok to write to you in my own words because I know how easily things can get distorted or twisted. You know me and know that if subpoenaed or brought into this or anything else that I would always be honest. I love Amber and have compassion for her becaus( she is your sister, and I know what you guys went through as kids. The two of you have literally been through hell together, and I know you would do anything in the world for her. She is your older sister, you just lost your Mother, and you are a Mom for the first time. It is time she thought of you and your needs and put them above her own needsfAsking you or eye’ ‘agreeing to have you husband and chitilandvou in all of this isselfish You, Whitney, are worthy of love, worthy of being seen for all of your light and beauty and worthy of not having to clean up another mess that is not yours.

During this time of social change and movements, #metoo, Time’s Up, Black Lives Matter, and all of the actions working to set the scales of justice back to being well, just, people have to be willing to come forward with the truth. It took two subpoenas to get me to be forthcoming witt what I have been told, but I do believe in people and feel others who have bear witness to all of.

Jennifer Howell Johnny Depp

On May 24, 2022, Jennifer Howell testified in a pre-recorded video testimony as a witness for Johnny Depp’s rebuttal in the Johnny Depp v Amber Heard defamation trial.

Howell was friends with Heard’s sister Whitney Henriquez. She lived with her after a falling out with Depp at the Eastern Columbia Building. Howell said she met Heard and her sister at the Los Angeles premier of Pineapple Express where she was the guest of James Franco. Henriquez went to work for Howell in 2014.

Howell said she never saw Depp either intoxicated or using illicit drugs and that she was never told by Heard about Depp being abusive. She also said she feels no loyalty toward either Heard or Depp.

There was a seemingly abrupt end to Howell’s video testimony but she discussed an email that she sent to Henriquez: “I loved someone who I knew was doing something very wrong. And I knew that they’re doing it because they’re trying to protect their sister. And I’m trying to protect her. And I’m just trying to get her to wake up and do the right thing, which is to tell the truth.”

Jennifer Howell Age

She was born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Jennifer Howell Instagram

Jennifer Howell’s Instagram handle is @jenniferkhowell.