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Jacynthe Rene Biography – Jacynthe Rene Wiki

Jacynthe Rene is an actress and founder of Maison Jacynthe. In 2014, she launched with her partner jmagazine, a web platform with an aim of spreading information and inspirations that can change lives. This resulted in an online store, which at the time had only 4 products, and which includes so far exceptional ranges of up to 150 natural products and vegan, with 3 axes: skincare, make-up, and perfumes. In 2016, jmagazine became MaisonJacynthe.

She founded an alternative primary school that opened in September 2010. She created a foundation for children’s development. She has published six books that became bestsellers and, in 2016, a magazine of recycled paper printed with vegetable ink. Still with her partner, she produced a documentary and, in 2017, a series of programs for the Web.

Maison Jacynthe Criminal Charges

Maison Jacynthe, whose owner is Jacynthe René, was found guilty of illegally practicing medicine for two videos on “detox”. According to the College of Physicians, naturopath Christian Limoges and Jacynthe René went far in two videos broadcast live on the Facebook page of the Maison Jacynthe in 2018. The videos gave reason to believe that they were licensed to practice medicine, which is not the case.

Convicting them of the criminal charges of illegally practicing medicine and of giving reason to believe that they were licensed to practice medicine, Judge Nathalie Duchesneau of the Court of Quebec said: “The defendants let any reasonable person suppose that they can diagnose diseases or provide treatment to cure them, and in doing so, commit an illegal practice of medicine.”

The judge reiterated that in the case of Maison Jacynthe, it is not “the company in general” which is in question, but only two videos where Jacynthe René, despite what she alleged, was “not limited to to her simple role of facilitator ”. She exceeded the allowable limits, said Justice Duchesneau.

“She is an active participant in the session and does a lot more than just telling her personal experience or discussing salad and vegetables by suggesting a way to eat. René not only confirms what Mr. Limoges, but in addition, it provides advice, attributes the benefits to irrigation (colon) and recommends.”

Maison Jacynthe and the naturopathic clinic, l’Aube, face a respective penalty which could reach up to $ 125,000. Limoges, also personally targeted by the lawsuit, faces a penalty of up to $ 62,500.

After the decision, Jacynthe René made a video on her Facebook page to “play down the situation”. “We did receive a ticket from the court. ”, She mentioned, adding that she was“ surprised ”that Maison Jacynthe was found guilty. “I am sorry if I gave reason to believe that I was fit to practice medicine. “

Jacynthe Rene Age

Jacynthe Rene was born on 22 May 1973, in Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Jacynthe Rene Children

Jacynthe Rene has three children including Louis Rene and Charles Rene. She gave birth to her third son in january 2016.

Jacynthe Rene Husband

Jacynthe Rene is married.

Jacynthe Rene Height

Jacynthe Rene stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 m).

Jacynthe Rene Instagram

Jacynthe Rene’s Instagram is @jacyntherene. She is the founder of Maison Jacynthe, Bistro Pépito, and MJ TONIC, according to her Instagram bio.

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