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Herman Finkers Wiki – Herman Finkers Biography

Herman Finkers is a Dutch comedian, who is well known in the Netherlands for his friendly, dry-witted humour and his ambiguous style of storytelling. In his way of telling a story, the moral should never be in the way of a good joke or pun. His humour is never at the expense of others, except his brother Wilfried, who is frequently the target of jokes. Wilfried co-wrote material and occasionally appeared in his brother’s shows. His career as a cabaret performer started after his study when he made his stuttering his trademark. His first program was called Op Zwart Zangzaad. In 1979 he won multiple prizes at the Delftse Cameretten festival. He temporarily stopped performing in 2000 due to a lack of inspiration and motivation. Soon afterwards he was diagnosed with a form of leukaemia. He was given an estimate of 10 to 15 years of life left. On August 5, 2006, a Fuchsia was named after him.

In 2007 he began playing in theaters again, with a show called Na de Pauze (After the Break). On December 31, 2015, he gave the traditional New Year’s Eve performance (“Oudejaarsconference”) on Dutch television, which was viewed by 3 million people. In 2020, he played the lead role in the film The Marriage Escape. He is a Catholic. He is very passionate about the Tweants dialect. He has translated a number of his shows into Tweants Low Saxon, which is his mother tongue. He also wrote and directed two short animation films, which were completely in Tweants: Kroamschudd’n in Mariaparochie (Baby shower in Mary’s Parish, which tells the story of the birth of Christ in a setting of Twente) and his comic interpretation of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. After his retirement from the theater, he played a role in the first soap series in Tweants: Van Jonge Leu en Oale Groond (Of Young People and Old Ground). For his efforts to promote the Tweants dialect he received the Johanna van Buuren prize.

Herman Finkers Age

He was born Hermenegildus Felix Victor Maria Herman Finkers on December 9, 1954, in Almelo, Netherlands.

Herman Finkers Wife

He is married to his wife, Hetty Droste.

Herman Finkers Parents

He is the son of Ben Finkers, and Annie Koelen. He was raised alongside his four siblings, all being raised in a Catholic family.

Herman Finkers Siblings

He has four siblings named Wilfried, Angelique, Jos ,and Renate.

Herman Finkers Instagram

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