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Fahim Saleh Biography – Fahim Saleh Wiki

Fahim Saleh is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Gokada Rides Ltd, a motorcycle ride-hailing company. He is also the co-founder of Pathao, a ride company that is popular in Bangladesh and Nepal.

He created his first company while still in high school. The company generated over one million dollars in revenue. After college, he taught himself how to program and started KickBack Apps, garnering over twenty-million downloads.

Seeing an opportunity in his parent’s native country of Bangladesh, he went on to co-found the largest ride-sharing company in the country valued at over $100 million – Pathao.

Fahim was also an active investor in emerging markets, investing first in Colombia’s largest motorcycle ridesharing company – Picap, recently valued at $15 million.

Fahim Saleh Age

Fahim Saleh was 33 year old.

Fahim Saleh Death

Fahim Saleh’s body was found decapitated and dismembered in his New York City apartment. According to The New York Times, detectives found his torso and an electric saw nearby. His head and limbs were later found in the apartment. There were several large plastic bags in the apartment, and it appeared that some effort had been made to clean up any evidence of what had happened.

Fahim Saleh’s sister found his body at around 3:30 p.m. when she went to check on him after not hearing from him for a day. She called the police.

A surveillance camera had captured a video of Saleh in the building’s elevator with another person who was wearing a black suit and black mask. On the video, the elevator door opens and Saleh goes into the apartment. The masked person follows directly behind him, and the two immediately start to struggle. His personal assistant, Tyrese Devon Haspil, was identified as a person of interest in the death.

Gokada tweeted: “We are deeply saddened to inform you about the sudden and tragic loss of our founder and CEO, Fahim Saleh. Fahim was a great leader, inspiration and positive light for all of us.

“Our hearts go out to his friends, family and all those feeling the pain and heartbreak we are currently experiencing, here at Gokada. Fahim’s vision and belief in us will be with us forever, and we will miss him dearly. Thank you for understanding as we get through this.”

Pathao wrote on Instagram: “We are shocked and saddened to hear the reports of the death of Fahim Saleh, one of the founding members of the Pathao team.

“Fahim believed in the potential for technology to transform lives in Bangladesh and beyond. He saw the promise in us, when all we had was a common purpose and a shared vision. He was, and will forever remain, an incredible inspiration for Pathao and our entire ecosystem.”

Fahim Saleh Net Worth

Fahim Saleh’s net worth is unclear. However, the ride-sharing company he co-founded, Pathao, is valued at over $100 million. He had also invested in Colombia’s motorcycle ridesharing company – Picap, that is valued at over $15 million.

Fahim Saleh Nationality

Fahim Saleh was born in Saudi Arabia to immigrants from Bangladeshi.

Fahim Saleh Instagram

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