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Erika Patterson Wiki, Age, Darrell Brooks Jr Ex-Girlfriend, Child, Instagram

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Erika Patterson is the ex-girlfriend of Darrell Brooks Jr., the accused driver in the Waukesha Christmas Parade Tragedy. During opening statements in the trial for Darrell Brooks, Zach Wittchow, an assistant district attorney for the Waukesha County District Attorney’s office, said Brooks had been fleeing after punching his ex-girlfriend.

Wittchow told jurors in opening statements that Brooks engaged in a “violent domestic argument” with Patterson, the mother of his child, on Nov. 21, 2021. He said that Patterson will testify that she was staying at a women’s center. Brooks showed up in Waukesha in his red Ford Escape SUV. He argued with her, harassed her, punched her the face, and took her all over town that afternoon, the prosecutor said.

“The thing about a swollen eye is it’s tough to fake,” Wittchow said via Law&Crime Network.

At some point, after Brooks hit her, Erika called her friends for help, the prosecutor said. Kori Runke, a roommate at the women’s center, responded. Brooks suggested when cross-examining her that she could not know it was him in the vehicle because she had never seen the “boyfriend” before or knew what car he would be driving.

Runkel said that she knew who it was because Patterson told her about going to meet “Darrell Brooks.”

Runkel arrived on Patterson’s behalf in front of the White Rocks School. As seen on surveillance footage, she got into a physical and verbal altercation with Brooks, Wittchow said. The prosecutor told jurors they would see what Brooks would react once “he lost his physical advantage over a woman.”

Police were called. There was a marked car nearby. Brooks must have known officers were going to show up once things go loud, the prosecutors said. “So he took the coward’s way out,” the prosecutor said.

With no one else in the car, Brooks got in the SUV and drove off, Wittchow said. He struck dozens of people, starting with survivor Nicole White and ending with 19 victims with the Catholic Communities of Waukesha, the prosecutor said.

Erika Patterson Child

Erika Patterson and Darrell Brooks share a child together.