Elise Finch Daughter Grace Henriques, Elise Finch Daughter Age

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Grace Henriques is the daughter of meteorologist Elise Finch and photojournalist Graig Henriques. Elise and Graig married in 2013 in a beautiful wedding ceremony at Untermyer Gardens. Three years later, Elise welcomed her true love with the birth of her baby girl Grace, who she affectionally referred to as Gracie.

CBS meteorologist Elise Finch passed away at age 51. According to WCBS’s statement, “Gracie was the light of Elise’s life, and she would often delight us with stories of being a mother.”

CBS New York chief weathercaster Lonnie Quinn said on Facebook that he and Finch were friends since the first day they walked through the station’s doors. Speaking about Elise Finch’s daughter, Gracie, Lonnie said: “Your mom and I talked about you years before you were even born. You were ALWAYS her biggest dream. She adored you more than anything else in this world. She still does.”

Elise Finch Daughter Age

Elise Finch’s daughter Grace Henriques was born in 2016. She is 7 years old as of 2023.