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Dominic Perrottet (born Dominic Francis Perrottet) is the Premier of New South Wales and the Member for Epping in the NSW Parliament. He assumed office on 5 October 2021 following the resignation of Gladys Berejiklian. On Tuesday, 5 October 2021, Dominic Perrottet released the following statement: “I want to start by acknowledging the events of the last few days have been difficult for a lot of people – and I think we all understand why. Unexpected change can bring uncertainty and sometimes that can feel unsettling. But as hard as it may be, we all have a duty to keep going.

“Today begins a new chapter in the story of NSW. One that we will all write together. I am honoured that my colleagues have asked me to help write that chapter as Premier – and I thank them for the confidence that they have put in me.

“The first thing I want to do is acknowledge and pay tribute to my predecessor Gladys Berejiklian, whose strong and steady leadership has seen us through so many challenges. Everyone would agree that her hard work, tireless dedication and total commitment is second to none. She’s been an inspiring role model for many – especially women and migrant communities and – that’s just one of the reasons why there’s been such an outpouring of support over the last few days. It is my hope that I will continue to live up to the strong leadership Gladys has shown throughout this pandemic.

“Secondly, I’d like to acknowledge and congratulate my Deputy, Stuart Ayres, who’s long been a fighter for Western Sydney – and that’s where the heart of this government will be. Thirdly, to my wife Helen and our kids: without your love and support I simply would not be here today.

“Being Premier is a great honour – but I want to be clear that the job I have committed to today is not just to lead NSW, but to serve the people of our State. Today is not about us, sitting in Macquarie Street, it’s about the 8 million people who call our great State home. For the past 18 months together we have been battling the storm that is COVID-19. Some have lost their lives. Many have lost their livelihoods. So many sacrifices – big and small – have been made by so many for so long. Not being able to leave our homes, not being able to go to work, not being able to see our loved ones. Parents having to work and homeschool at the same time. Many have missed weddings, many have missed funerals, and the opportunity to say goodbye to their loved ones.

“These sacrifices are never easy and we know they have taken a huge toll – physical, financial and psychological. In our regional communities, this has also come on the back of droughts, floods and fires. You don’t get to choose the times in which you live – and this is one of the most challenging times the people of our state have ever faced. But NSW has never shied away from a challenge. And we’re rising to this one as well. For long months, we have fought the good fight – helped by the quality of our health care, and our strong economic foundations that have kept people in jobs and business in business. And now, while there are still more challenging days to come, there is light at the end of the tunnel – thanks to the way our community has responded.

“We want NSW to bounce back, stronger, safer and more successful than ever before. To get back to the life we love and the freedoms that we hold dear. As a former Treasurer, I know that a strong society needs a strong economy. That’s why our first priority will be to continue the plan we have started – keeping people safe, opening up the economy and securing our recovery. Up until now, all of our Liberal leaders have been infrastructure premiers – building roads, rail, schools and hospitals for communities right across our State. That won’t change with me.

“But I’ll also be a family premier – focusing on how we can make life better for working families – living the Liberal values of opportunity, aspiration and hard work. The true strength of NSW is in its people. Our tradies, working mums and dads, small business owners, community groups, and frontline workers – our teachers, nurses, doctors, paramedics, firies and police. Our state is a rich tapestry with a rich heritage – from our proud First Nations people, to those who have come here from every corner of the globe.

“No matter who you are, where you’ve come from or what you believe, it is the greatest privilege of my life to represent and serve all of you. I know how big the challenge ahead is – but I love NSW – and that is the passion that will fuel me and my team. A stable, united government is vital to getting on with the work we have begun, so there will be no cabinet reshuffle until we are through this challenge. Our team will bring the energy and the experience to get our safely open state, and then take it to the next level. We live in the best State in the best country in the world, and together, we will make it even better.”

Perrottet was first appointed Treasurer and Deputy Leader in January 2017, having previously served as Minister for Finance and Services from April 2014, and then Minister for Finance, Services and Property from April 2015. Dominic was re-appointed Treasurer and Deputy Leader of the NSW Liberal Party in March 2019 following the re-election of the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government.

Perrottet was educated at the Roman Catholic school Redfield College in Dural and Oakhill College in Castle Hill, and then at Sydney University where he studied Commerce/Law.

He went on to work as a commercial lawyer for Henry Davis York in the areas of banking restructuring and insolvency law. After working for a number of years as a lawyer at Henry Davis York, he was elected to Parliament in 2011, where he has been honoured to serve since.

At university, Dominic became involved in student politics and served as a member of the Student Representative Council and was elected president of the Sydney University Liberal Club. He was also elected as the President of the NSW Young Liberal movement and served on the State Executive of the NSW Liberal Party.

He is the founder and co-ordinator of the Hills St Vincent De Paul Young Adults Program and the Castle Hill Leadership Programme, Patron to Community Foundation of North Western Sydney, Patron of the Castle Hill RSL Club, member of the Glenhaven Lions Club and serves on The Hills Australia Day Committee.

Dominic Perrottet Age

Dominic Francis Perrottet was born on 21 September 1982, in West Pennant Hills, New South Wales, Australia.

Dominic Perrottet Wife

Is Dominic Perrottet married? He is married to Helen Perrottet and they are the proud parents of six children.

Dominic Perrottet Children

Dominic Perrottet and his wife Helen Perrottet have six children Charlotte, Amelia, Annabelle, William, Harriet and Beatrice. A reporter questioned Dominic Perrottet about whether he can manage being the NSW Premier and juggling six children. “You said you were going to be the first Premier for families. If you were a female leader, you would be asked how you can manage being Premier and also the parent of six children, so I think it is fair to ask you that today,” the reporter said. “What do you think?”

Perrottet confessed it would be “demanding” and balancing work and family life is challenging for every person across NSW. “I think what I might lose in time, I gain in perspective. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and I am no different to that, but one thing I do know is that I have a very strong team around me,” Perrottet said. “I have a strong family and I have a strong ministerial team who will ensure that our focus is on the people of NSW. Yes I have family commitments, but that should not disqualify one from the job.”

Dominic Perrottet Parents

Dominic Perrottet is the son of John Perrottet and Anne Maria Perrottet. His father, John Perrottet, works for the World Bank as the Global Lead for Tourism at the International Finance Corporation, in Washington, DC.

Dominic Perrottet Siblings

Dominic Perrottet has 12 siblings and a 13th with a congenital abnormality died at birth. Some of his known siblings are Jean-Claude Perrottet and Charles Perrottet. In August 2017, Dominic Perrottet’s younger brother, Jean Claude Perrottet, was found not guilty of raping a woman at a university college party. He was accused of sexually assaulting a young University of Sydney student at a St John’s College formal in October 2015. However, the jury in August 2017 found him not guilty of three counts of sexual intercourse without consent, within hours of retiring, the Guardian reported.

Dominic Perrottet Family

Growing up in West Pennant Hills in the Hills District of Sydney, Perrottet was one of 13 children. He went on to have six of his own children with wife Helen.

Dominic Perrottet Religion

What religion is Dominic Perrottet? He is a Christian. He is a conservative Catholic and has spoken about how his devout Catholic beliefs have had a fundamental influence on his work in politics. “I think having a Christian faith is part of who I am and inspires me to make a difference wherever I go,” he said in a past interview.

His faith, Catholicism, has been in the limelight. “Faith is personal to me, as it is for millions of people across our state, and anybody should be able to put their hand up to serve in public life, and should not be disqualified, based on their faith or their heritage,” Dominic Perrottet told The Australian.

“I certainly believe in diversity. I believe in tolerance. I believe in values of respect for all people. And people should be judged on their actions, not based on an attribute that someone thinks shouldn’t have a place in public life.”

In his first press conference as premier-elect, Perrottet called some of the criticism of his beliefs “unfounded”, saying said he was proud of his Christian faith.

Dominic Perrottet Nationality

What nationality is Dominic Perrottet? He is of Australian nationality.

Dominic Perrottet Parents Nationality

Dominic Perrottet’s parents are of Australian nationality.

Dominic Perrottet Family Background

Dominic Perrottet’s family has called NSW home for generations. He proudly retells the story of his grandmother giving iconic Australian entertainer Peter Allen his first job at the New England Hotel in Armidale.

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