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Dennis Bowman Bio – Dennis Bowman Wiki

Dennis Bowman who is also known as Dennis Lee Bowman is a Michigan man who is accused of a cold case murder on September 11, 1980, of 25-year-old Kathleen O’Brien Doyle. He was arrested on Friday, November 22, 2019, and charged with the 1980 murder of Kathleen Doyle.

Kathleen Doyle was married to a U.S. Navy pilot. Her husband was deployed at the time of her murder. Her father was an officer in the U.S. Navy. According to the police, the deceased had been raped, stabbed and choked inside her Norfolk, Virginia residence. Friends discovered the body of Kathleen Doyle on September 11, 1980, inside her Ocean View area home, police said at the time, as reported in the Virginian-Pilot.

Dennis Bowman Age

He was born in the year 1949.

Dennis Bowman Wife

He was married to his wife with an adult daughter. Online records also show him and his wife with a 1999 bankruptcy filing in Michigan. Details of her wife are however minimal.

Dennis Bowman Children

He had an adoptive daughter called Aundria Bowman who was born in New Orleans. She was in foster care for a time before being adopted by Bowman. She however later disappeared from her home to date.

Dennis Bowman Murder Case Suspect

The murder case against him which is a 39-year-long investigation demonstrates the Norfolk Police Department’s commitment to pursue justice for victims and their families no matter how long it takes,” Norfolk Chief of Police Larry D. Boone stated. “No victim is ever forgotten.”

Bowman was arrested on Friday in connection with the 1980 homicide of a 25-year-old woman from Virginia. The woman Kathleen Doyle was killed in her home in Norfolk, Virginia on September 11, 1980. She was the daughter of a naval officer and the wife of a U.S. Navy pilot who was deployed at the time of her death. Norfolk police and agents with the U.S. Naval Criminal Investigate Service have been investigating the case since and finally identified him as the suspect on Friday.

Dennis Bowman Criminal Charges

He has a criminal history, including convictions in 1980 for sexual assault and in 1998 for federal burglary, according to Fox 17 in Grand Rapids. There’s also the case of his adopted daughter’s disappearance, though he’s never been charged with a crime in connection with it. Nine years after Doyle was murdered, 14-year-old Aundria Bowman vanished from Hamilton, Michigan, according to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. Before disappearing, Aundria had allegedly accused him of sexually abusing her, according to the missing persons nonprofit The Charley Project.

“He was already on parole at the time for an unrelated offense; in 1980, he had attempted to kidnap a teenage girl so he could rape her,” The Charley Project states, referencing his previous sexual assault conviction. The nonprofit claims that in 1988, a year before she vanished, Aundria had stopped going to school and told police that she was being molested. Her claims were dismissed as personal struggles stemming from learning she was adopted.
“Shortly afterward, he moved the family to a trailer in an isolated, rural area. Aundria disappeared from there,” the Charley Project states. “Her last confirmed location was reported by Dennis, who said she’d stolen some money from the house before she left.”

While he has never been classified as a suspect in his adopted daughter’s disappearance, he’s never been ruled out either, Fox 17 reports. An unnamed and retired Allegan County sheriff’s deputy told FOX 17 the department had investigated him in the past regarding Aundria’s disappearance but there wasn’t enough evidence to charge him with anything. He is now awaiting extradition to Virginia to face formal charges for the killing of Doyle. Investigators are combing through his property for evidence, according to Fox 17.

Dennis Bowman Arrest

He is a resident of Allegan County, Michigan and he was arrested on Friday and charged with the 1980 murder of 25-year-old Kathleen Doyle, according to a press release from the Norfolk Police Department.
“You’re always looking to be able to provide something, anything to the victim of a crime like this. It’s wonderful that hopefully, that’s going to happen, even though it’s been 39 years,” Allegan County Sheriff Frank Baker said.

He is being held in a Michigan jail until he can be extradited to Virginia for prosecution.

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