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Traci Griffiths Biography – Traci Griffiths Wiki

Traci Griffiths is an Australian former model and pet apparel designer. She is the owner and founder of Miyow & Barkley, an online business for designer pet clothes and accessories. She is also a volunteer Director at Zambi Wildlife Retreat. After her modeling career, she taught advanced literacy to students with learning disabilities and worked as a NSW Ambulance Paramedic.

Traci Griffiths Charlie Teo – Traci Griffiths Girlfriend

Renowned brain surgeon Charlie Teo has ‘grown close’ to Traci Griffiths, who he reportedly treated back in 2011. Griffiths has shared to social media a video of her and a shirtless Dr. Teo working out and attending a wildlife retreat together.

In February 2020, Teo released a media statement announcing he had “separated over two years ago but remains great friends” with his ex-wife Genevieve Teo, with whom he has four daughters.

In September 2020, Teo purchased a half share in a house Griffiths had previously owned with her former partner. Griffith’s former boyfriend’s share in the property was sold to Teo’s long-term secretary Laine Skene and her husband David for $776,250 on April 23, 2018. Just over two years later and the half share was then sold to Teo this year for the princely sum of … $1, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

Traci Griffiths Age

Traci Griffiths was born in 1974.

Traci Griffiths Parents

Traci Griffiths’ parents are Lyn and Lindsay Skelly.

Traci Griffiths Family

Traci Griffiths is the daughter of Lyn and Lindsay Skelly. She has two siblings, a sister Charmaine Minassian and a brother Dale Griffiths. Her sister was a horse trainer. Griffiths and her siblings spent so much time with animals when they were young they naturally think about them as best friends.

Traci Griffiths Height

Traci Griffiths stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (176cm).

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