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Tanya Pardazi Biography – Tanya Pardazi Wiki

Tanya Pardazi was a Canadian beauty queen and TikTok influencer. Pardazi previously competed in the Miss Canada beauty paegeant, making it to the semi-finals in 2017. She was also enrolled at the University of Toronto, where she was studying philosophy.

Pardazi was a fixture on TikTok, where the former Miss Canada semi-finalist regularly posted videos discussing everything from makeup tips to woolly mammoths to her almost 100,000 followers on her account @philosatea. In the final clip before her death, posted on Aug. 22, Pardazi spoke about Tetris and skydiving.

Tanya Pardazi Age

Tania Pardazi-Moghaddam was born on March 11, 2001. She died on August 27, 2022. She was 21 years old.

Tanya Pardazi Death

21-year-old TikTok influencer Tanya Pardazi died on Saturday, August 27, 2022, while completing her first solo dive with Skydive Toronto in Innisfil, Ont. The aspiring beauty queen was rushed to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

The company said in a statement: “On Saturday. Aug., 27th, at approximately 8:00 pm EDT, a skydiving student aged 21 succumbed to fatal injuries obtained from an emergency situation.

“The skydiver released a quickly rotating main parachute at a low altitude Wttrout the lime/altitude required for the reserve parachute to inflate.

“The team at Skydive Toronto is currently worldng with the South Simcce Police on their investigation.

“The jumper was a welcomed recent addition to the skydiving community and will be missed amongst the student’s new friends and fellow jumpers of Skydive Toronto Inc. The team at Skydive Toronto Inc bas been profoundly affected by Ibis accident as they have refined their student training program for over 50 years.”

Pardazi’s friend, Melody Ozgoli, told local news site Barrie Today: ” One of her favourite topics to talk about was meaning of life and the curiosity of the after-life. I talked to her recently. I couldn’t believe it. I thought it was a joke. It has been a couple of days and I still can’t believe it.”

Melody, who knew the victim for over 10 years after meeting in elementary school, added: “She was adventurous and always trying new exciting stuff. Skydiving was supposed to be another fun adventure for her.

“She was a friend for hard times. No matter what was happening she was always there for everyone during tough times. She was a gift to the world.”

Tanya Pardazi Nationality

Pardazi was of Canadian nationality.

Tanya Pardazi Ethnicity

Canadian social media star Tanya Pardazi was of Persian descent/ethnicity.

Tanya Pardazi Funeral

Pardazi’s funeral was in Richmond Hill, Ontario on Friday, 2 September 2022, according to the Elgin Mills Funeral Centre.

Tanya Pardazi Parents

Little is known about Tanya Pardazi’s parents.

Tanya Pardazi Instagram

Tanya Pardazi’s Instagram is @ryestnya.