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Stivo Simple Boy Biography

Stivo Simple Boy real name Steven Otieno is a Kenyan rap artist. According to Stivo Simple Boy’s biography on Made In Kibera production website, he nurtured his rap talent by attending the daily rehearsals organized by Kibera Creative Arts (KiCA). He started recording in the year 2015 with the song “Ukimwi”. In 2017 he recorded one of his popular songs “Mihadarati”. Some of his other popular songs include Ukimwi, Ndoa, Ufisadi, Uhalifu, I lift you higher ft Scheneider Shanny, and Inauma ft Byzzo The Baddest.

Simple Boy credits this upbringing in the slum of Kibera for the nurturing of his talent. He has been on the big stage with shows such as MADE IN KIBERA Live CONCERT, UCHAGUZI BILA FUJO CONCERT , ART ATTACK FESTIVALS just to name a few. In the year 2016, he also participated in the Kibera Music Competition organized by Kibera Town Center. He is also a youth ambassador in Kibera.

Stivo Simple Boy Age

Simple Boy was born in 1990.

Stivo Simple Boy Family

Simple Boy is the second last born in a family of eight children.

Stivo Simple Boy Twin Sister

Simple Boy is an elder to his twin sister.

Stivo Simple Boy Girlfriend

Simple Boy is currently single.

Stivo Simple Boy Tribe

Simple Boy is Luo.

Stivo Simple Boy Net Worth

Simple Boy has not amassed much wealth.

Stivo Simple Boy Songs

  • Ukimwi
  • Mihadarati
  • Ndoa
  • Ufisadi
  • Uhalifu
  • I lift you higher ft Scheneider Shanny
  • Inauma ft Byzzo The Baddest

Stivo Simple Boy Instagram

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