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Sophie Ross is a writer for Adore Me and contributor for Byrdie. She previously wrote for The Knot, Refinery29, Style Caster,  Shop Bazaar and more, according to her Instagram bio.

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Sophie Ross wrote a now-viral Twitter thread about “Arielle Charnas and her dangerous and bizarre behavior surrounding her COVID-19 diagnosis.”

Let’s start from the beginning: ~2 weeks ago (3/15) Arielle posted about feeling sick (full disclosure – anyone who follows her knows she’s a hypochondriac) so of course, all of us immediately knew where this was going.
Right away she “called up a doctor friend” to get flu & COVID tests in her car—literally the nurse came outside so Arielle wouldn’t have to walk in—and Arielle filmed it all for IG while plugging the doctor and his office. (Then she went silent for extra drama awaiting results.


Rightfully, she was dragged for all of this. Arielle was accused of using her connections to get a COVID test and “cut the line” even tho her symptoms were mild and she’s not high-risk. There was major backlash for this across Page 6, Diet Prada, Daily Mail, and more
Also, Arielle’s husband Brandon posted a Volvo #sponsored story on the way to the dr. Arielle unboxed and posted a new Louis Vuitton purse as she was waiting for her COVID-19 results. Let that sink in. (Can’t find screenshots but here’s proof from Diet Prada’s comment section.


On 3/17 she posted this. Arielle says she would be resuming her content as normal (“if it offends anyone or if I’m being insensitive I’m sorry but I’m doing it”) and said she would not address the COVID situation again.


On 3/18, Arielle announced that she tested positive for COVID. She got her results back extremely quickly. It usually takes around 5 days (source: my COVID-positive friend who is actually *miserable* bc of the virus right now).
There wasn’t any further fanfare about COVID. Arielle was back to normal posting as per usual – playing with her kids, hanging around her nanny etc. Not sure why a COVID+ person wouldn’t completely self-isolate. I’m not a mom but it seems like a no brainer?? QUARANTINE YOURSELF


Arielle says her husband Brandon got sick too. On 3/24 (6 days after being diagnosed with COVID) Arielle posts a series of Tik Toks of herself dancing. She looks healthy with different matching loungewear sets on and ~beach waves~ in each video.


On 3/26, only 8 (EIGHT!!!) days after being diagnosed with COVID (NOT 14), Arielle and her family leave for the Hamptons to “quarantine.” Mind you, Arielle is “COVID positive.” She literally LEFT her palatial manhattan apartment so she could get Hamptons content.


She’s aware of the rumors and posts a video. She “would never lie about having coronavirus, that’s disgusting” & also says it’s not true that she used wealth to get a test she “called up her dr friends on SPEED DIAL” and paid $40 like everyone else! (No pRiViLeGe whatsoever!!!!!)


(The dissonance is wild. To be clear, she’s denying using her privilege to “cut the line” as she talks about the doctor friends she has on speed dial. I’m sure all of us regular folk have doctor friends on speed dial to give us drive-thru appointments for Instagram shoutouts.)


After the video, she immediately takes this opportunity to post an #ootd of her with the caption “fresh air.” People are big mad. Not only is she literally putting peoples lives at risk, but she’s setting a horrible example for her 1.3 mill followers (even if they’re mostly bots)


Even with thousands of angry commenters, she addresses nothing. (I’m sure she’s actually happy to get good organic engagement from this.) Next she posts a picture of herself literally walking down the streets of the Hamptons. With coronavirus.


More angry commenters and no acknowledgement from Arielle. She posts this picture of herself kissing her toddler daughter next. (Remember: this woman is an absolute hypochondriac with both herself and her kids.) At this point, everyone’s just confused. This doesn’t add up.


This is the best part: Arielle does an IG Live and viewers spot her nanny in the background. Arielle quickly moved the camera – it was clearly an accident. So why is her nanny with them if Arielle has fucking CORONAVIRUS?! This makes no sense.


Is she carelessly exposing her nanny to COVID-19? Or is it the alternative that I don’t even want to say?? I’m not sure which is worse.


Apparently Brandon also made a tasteless joke during the Live too. Interesting comment from someone whose family by now has been directly affected by COVID-19.


Arielle has a convenient excuse for why nanny is there. Poor nanny has to work even when she’s contracted a deadly virus from her rich boss. (What are the odds her nanny got a COVID test too?)
Arielle has taken this opportunity to plug and do swipe-ups for loungewear sets. (Also – there’s no full-length mirror there yet. THE HORROR!!)AC when she gets 10 Qs about loungewear sets: OMG SWIPE UP!!


AC when she gets 4000 Qs about her coronavirus timeline: *silence*


For context: she lives in a NYC doorman building. Arielle says she called her doormen to tell them they (aka COVID PATIENTS) were going to come down in the elevator and walk through the lobby. Apparently the doormen cleared everything out for them so they could leave for Hamps.
I assume the family stopped to get gas. At this point, since Arielle hasn’t self-isolated, it’s safe to assume the entire Charnas family is infected, given her story. They just commuted from Manhattan to Long Island for literally zero reason. The Hamptons have 8 ICU beds.
It’s also important to note that Arielle’s Hamptons house is a rental. This entire infected family is just…contaminating someone’s house right now. Also, Arielle admitted she got WiFi installed yesterday. Exposing a Spectrum worker too, I’m sure.
Many ppl in the comments have been asking her to donate blood as a “recovered” COVID patient. She said she can’t yet but she will when she’s “14 DAYS SYMPTOM-FREE.” If you’re not 14 days symptom-free, why did you leave your apt? You’re still contagious.


Arielle’s family members who have followings on IG have been with Arielle in the past few weeks (prior to her diagnosis) and do not appear to be concerned. Her sister MOVED the day after the diagnosis, and only cared that the MOVERS wore masks so *she* wouldn’t get COVID.
Arielle’s now back to posting (in Chanel ofc!) as if nothing happened. No apology. No acknowledgement of the 1000s of former fans asking for answers. No accountability. Arielle flounced around NY “with COVID” in front of her 1.3 million followers. Disgusting, irresponsible, etc.


Also, I’m sorry if this timeline is convoluted and confusing, there are wayyy too many chaotic, messy and problematic layers to this thing, will keep adding to this!! I felt like I was gonna explode from the gaslighting and privilege and had to get this off my chest tysm!!!

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Sophie Ross was born on March 27. The year of her birth is unclear.

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