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Nini Iris Biography – Nini Iris Wiki

Nini Iris is the stage name for Nini Bregvadze, a 27-year-old from Tbilisi in the country of Georgia. She has been living in New York since 2016. She is a contestant in season 24 of The Voice.

The Georgia native sings full-time at restaurants, bars, and weddings. Nini was a contestant on Georgia’s version of The Voice in 2012. She was eliminated in the battles. Back in 2015, she made the Top 3 on Georgia’s version of The X Factor, displaying remarkable versatility along the way.

She relocated to New York in 2016 to pursue her dreams of a singing career here. “It’s been a rough journey,” she tells The Vice. “I had to start getting my life together. I had to get a place, get a job, and start going towards my goal that I came here for.”

Nini also released a good deal of music. This includes an eight-song album called “Crazy I” that dropped in 2016. Her more recent singles, are “Rhythm of My Heartbeat” in 2019 and “Fade Away.”

“I wrote this song about 2 people’s relationship,” Nini explains of “Fade Away” on her social media. “Then the war started in Ukraine and I thought the lyrics matched this terrible event. “I wanted to show my support to Ukraine by making a music video about what they’re going through, but even the idea of it was too emotional and, I’m not gonna lie, I got scared of how people might have reacted. So I left it as simple but pretty as it is now.”

Nini Iris Age

She is 17 years old as of 2023. She was born in Georgia, Europe but has lived in Brooklyn, New York since 2016.

Nini Iris The Voice

Singer Iris is a contestant in the 24th season of The Voice. She sang a rendition of Everybody Loves an Outlaw’s “I See Red” in the Blind Auditions.

It just feels like I’m missing so much back home. I want to make it so my mom can say that she went for a reason … I want to show the world that I deserve to be here.”

Coaches John Legend, Gwen Stefani, and Niall Horan turned their chairs around at the exact same time during a fiery rendition of Reba McEntire followed suit.

“That was the best vocal of the day, without a shadow of a doubt,” said Horan. “It was so strong, powerful, commanding, the whole room was with you all the way. I think we’re looking at a potential winner here.”

“I’m thrilled that I watched you perform,” added McEntire. “Your singing is absolutely spectacular, I love your stage presence. I think you could sing anything; you could probably sing the phone book, and all of us would have turned around.”

Iris was particularly starstruck by Legend, who insisted that she call him “John.”

“You had all of these things going on with your physical presentation, but the first thing we heard, of course, was your voice,” he said. “The nuance and the tone [were] really subtle and cool. You gave us kind of a soulful rock performance today.”

“That was just incredible,” Stefani continued. “The fact that you can flip so easily between different styles in your voice is just so exciting for this show. This is like a boot camp, and you have a big job ahead of you because you’ve already given us a Grammys performance. And the confidence that you have is just supernatural.”

She ultimately chose Team Niall Horan.


Her Instagram handle is @ninismusic.