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Natalie Beach is a freelance magazine writer and screenwriter based in Los Angeles. She is Caroline Calloway’s former ghostwriter.

Natalie Beach and Caroline Calloway

Natalie Beach wrote a lengthy tell-all article for The Cut, titled “I Was Caroline Calloway,” about her seven-year friendship with Instagram influencer Caroline Calloway.

Calloway and Beach met at New York University when Beach was a sophomore, and quickly became friends when Colloway took interest in Beach for her New Haven roots. Specifically, her knowledge of Yale.

Beach claims she wrote most of Calloway’s memoir, which she sold the rights for, for $500,000. Colloway canceled the plans for her book in 2017, which resulted in her only earning 30 percent of the $500,000 deal.

Beach also has claimed to have written most of Colloway’s famous novel-style Instagram captions, in the early days of the Influencer’s rise to fame, up until 2016.

Caroline Calloway’s Instagram followers have known for several days that this article was coming, as Calloway posted about it herself on several occasions. In her first post, Calloway wrote in part, “Everything in Natalie’s article will be brilliant and beautifully expressed and true. I know this not because I have read her essay but because Natalie is the best writer I know.”


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Do you guys have any friendships that have ended that still bring you pain? This afternoon I found out that one of the two people I have hurt the most in this world will be publishing an essay about our friendship for The Cut. I don’t know when this essay will go live. But it will be different than the articles that called me a scammer for clickbait. Everything in Natalie’s article will be brilliant and beautifully expressed and true. I know this not because I have read her essay but because Natalie is the best writer I know. I still love her. Our friendship ended 2 years ago, but I still walk around New York sometimes, listening to music, running errands, thinking about her. Amsterdam. I’ll let her tell you about that trip because it put her in danger—not me—so maybe it is hers to tell. Maybe she has custody of that story. Sometimes I all but gag with guilt. Sometimes I write emails to her in my head. Sometimes I imagine a future where we’re friends again! Natalie suffered all the consequences of being loved by an addict and none of the benefits of being loved by the woman that recovery made me into. In early August Natalie liked one of my Instagram photos by accident. I knew it was by accident because I know Natalie. But still! I thought: Maybe she is checking in on me because she still wants to be friends! Maybe she still loves me, too. I realize now that she must have been working on the article about us that will be published soon by New York Magazine. My team asked two things of me: To ignore this essay in my posts so I don’t drive traffic to it and to give them Natalie’s email so they could reach out. This is the first time I’ve disobeyed them. You should read Natalie’s article when it comes out. I’ll post a link when it does. Go leave a comment on even if it’s insulting me. Every digital impression will be another reason for The Cut to hire Natalie again and to pay her even more next time. And The Cut doesn’t have access to the audience most interested in hating and loving Caroline Calloway. I do. So start anticipating this article. Get excited. Read it. I hope I can support Natalie now in ways I never did during my addiction.

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Natalie Beach Age

She is 27 years old. She grew up in New Haven.

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