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Mokhiniso Smith Biography – Mokhiniso Smith Wiki

Mokhiniso Smith (born Mokhiniso Rakhimova) is the wife of author Wilbur Smith. Mokhiniso is a lawyer who grew up in Tajikistan. She received her law degree from Moscow University.

Author Wilbur Smith died at his home in Cape Town, South Africa on Saturday 13 November 2021 aged 88. The Zambian-born writer published 49 books and sold more than 140 million copies worldwide

“Global bestselling author Wilbur Smith died unexpectedly this afternoon at his Cape Town home after a morning of reading and writing with his wife Niso by his side,” said a statement released on the Wilbur Smith Books website, as well as by his publishers Bonnier Books UK.

“The undisputed and inimitable master of adventure writing, Wilbur Smith’s novels have gripped readers for over half a century, selling over 140 million copies worldwide in more than thirty languages.”

Mokhiniso Smith Age

She was born Mokhiniso Rakhimova in 1972 in Tajikistan. She and Wilbur Smith have an age difference of 39 years.

Wilbur Smith Wife Niso – Mokhiniso Smith Wilbur Smith

Wilbur Smith and Mokhiniso married in May 2000. They met in 1999 in a bookstore in London. Following the death of his third wife Danielle in December 1999, Wilbur “was left numb and empty.” He previously said when he met Mokhiniso Rakhimova, she “happened to fill the emptiness and bring me back to life again.”

“To me she is all good things; beautiful, clever, hard-working, loving and loyal,” Wilbur wrote on his website about his wife Mokhiniso Smith. “She is younger than me by 39 years. I married her in May 2000. She brought me back to life. She taught me to love again.”

“She has banished loneliness,” he continued. “She is the perfect lover and companion. She has made me feel young and vital again. Since meeting her I have written some of my best novels.”

In the dedication of his books, Wilbur writes: “This book is for my helpmate, playmate, soulmate, wife and best friend, Mokhiniso Rakhimova Smith.”

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