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Millie Mclay is a cast member of Love in the Flesh on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer. Millie is a Digital creator and influencer from London.

Millie Age

She is 23 years old.

Millie Love in the Flesh

Millie and Shelby are one of the couples taking part in the BBC Three dating show Love In The Flesh. Influencer Millie and NHS worker Shelby are very active in the online LGBT+ community. The pair came close to meeting for the first time, however, Millie suffered a nasty horse-riding accident, which resulted in five surgeries.

Warning: contains spoilers

Both women were a little nervous of opening up and being vulnerable, but by the final episode, Shelby and Millie dropped the L bomb – well, sort of. They agreed that what they were feeling could be “the start of love”.

On leaving the beach house, things seemed great and the pair continued seeing each other, but when Millie’s health took a turn for the worse, things became rocky. A past accident left her with long-term damage to her leg, and despite Shelby being keen to support her, a relationship was too much for Millie to handle on top of hospital visits and surgery.

The pair are still friends, though, and don’t regret their time on the show.

Millie Love in the Flesh Instagram

Millie’s Instagram handle is @milliemclay.