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Maxine Dwyer Biography – Maxine Dwyer Wiki

Maxine Dwyer is an extreme cleaner and part of the Clean It, Fix It team on BBC One. In each episode, extreme cleaner Maxine Dwyer, skilled carpenter Asher Edwards and building legend Tommy Walsh have just one day to help a household reclaim their space and fall back in love with their home.

On what makes Clean It, Fix It stand out from other expert home makeover shows, Maxine said: “I think it’s the way we all naturally bond together and just get on with the task at hand. We get along so well and had so much fun filming the programme.”

On what it is like working with Tommy and Asher, the extreme cleaner said: “Tommy’s a proper geezer! He’s very humble and easy to work with. And it was also lovely working with Asher. It came to a point that whenever I called him over, he would know to expect that I’ll be asking him for a tool that I can use to clean something – including the toilet. He got used to my weird requests…”

Maxine loves people’s reactions to how the team transform their homes. She said: “I love the reactions. I cried during one of the transformations. We were at a bungalow with a retired couple and the husband has mobility issues. They were struggling to make the most out of their space and we worked hard to make it accessible for them. It was very emotional but incredibly rewarding.”

Maxine Dwyer Age

Extreme cleaner Maxine was born in September 1965.

Maxine Dwyer Cleaning Tips

Maxine recommends every person to have the following their cleaning starter kit: A microfiber, ball scourer, white vinegar, baking powder, washing up liquid and a blunt knife – the knife is for the hard to reach places!