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Matt Chandler Biography – Matt Chandler Wiki

Matt Chandler is the lead pastor at the Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas, President of the Acts 29 Network and author.

He was born near Seattle and, due to growing up with a father in the military, moved several times before settling in the Houston area. He drifted from Olympia, Wash., to Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., Alameda, Calif., and Galveston, Texas.

Before going to college, Chandler served as a youth pastor of a small church near Houston. From there, he went to Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas, where he received a bachelor’s degree in Bible. While at Hardin-Simmons, he became the teacher of an inter-denominational Bible study for college students called Grace. He was also on staff at Beltway Park Church. After several years in Abilene, he continued my itinerant speaking ministry with a home base in Dallas.

In 2002 at age 28, Chandler became pastor of First Baptist Church of Highland Village, now known as The Village Church. Chandler also has served as President and Chairman of the Board of Acts 29 church planting network since 2012.

Chandler’s first book, co-authored with Jared Wilson, The Explicit Gospel, was released in 2012. His second book is titled Creature of the Word: The Jesus-Centered Church, and was written with fellow Village pastor Josh Patterson and LifeWay Vice-President Eric Geiger. His third book, Take Heart: Christian Courage in the Age of Unbelief was published in 2018 by The Good Book Company.

Matt Chandler Scandal

On Sunday, August 28, 2022, pastor Matt Chandler confessed an inappropriate online relationship with a woman other than his wife and said he is taking a leave of absence. In a statement posted online, The Village Church (TVC) said:

“A few months ago, an individual approached The Village Church’s lead pastor Matt Chandler with concerns about the way he was using direct messaging on social media with a woman who was not his wife. Matt shared those concerns with his wife, Lauren, and two elders, Josh Patterson and elder Chairman Jasien Swords that same evening, and submitted to their leadership in addressing the situation.

“The elders commissioned an independent law firm to conduct a review of Matt’s messaging history across social media platforms, cell phone, and email. The investigators’ report led the elders to conclude that Matt violated our internal social media use policies, and more importantly that, while the overarching pattern of his life has been “above reproach”, he failed to meet the 1 Timothy standard for elders of being “above reproach” in this instance.

“We are strong proponents of brothers and sisters in Christ being friends, but there are boundaries around what’s appropriate in these kinds of friendships. A pastoral role requires a greater awareness of those boundaries. In this case, while the messages were not romantic or sexual in nature, the frequency and familiarity of the messages crossed a line. They revealed that Matt did not use language appropriate for a pastor, and he did not model a behavior that we expect from him.

“While the elders believe that this did not rise to the level of disqualification, we do hold elders to a higher standard of behavior. The elders concluded, and Matt agreed, that Matt’s behavior was a sign of unhealth in his life, and that the best course of action would be for him to take a leave of absence from teaching and preaching at The Village Church. Matt’s leave of absence is both disciplinary and developmental, which allows him to focus on growing greater awareness in this area. The timeline for his return will be dictated by the expectations the elders have laid out for his development.”

Matt Chandler Age

Matt Chandler was born on June 20, 1974 in Seattle, Washington. He is 48 years old (2022).

Matt Chandler Wife

Pastor Matt Chandler married his wife, Lauren Chandler, in 1999.

Matt Chandler Children

Chandler and his wife, Lauren, have three children: Audrey, Reid and Norah.

Matt Chandler Family

He and his wife, Lauren, have three children – two daughters and a son.

Matt Chandler Salary

As the Lead Pastor of The Village Church, Matt Chandler earns an annual salary of $66,377.

Matt Chandler Net Worth

Matt Chandler’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million.

Pastor Matt Chandler Brain Tumor

In 2009, pastor Matt Chandler was diagnosed with a Brain tumor. Dr. David Barnett, chief of neurosurgery at Baylor University Medical Center, looked at Matt’s MRI and saw what appeared to be a primary brain tumor. As far as Chandler knows, there is no history of cancer in his family. His tumor was likely caused by a genetic abnormality, according to Barnett. Chandler underwent brain surgery to remove the brain tumor. Barnett said the tumor was malignant, fast-growing and mean.

On December 15, 2009, Barnett shared the pathology results with the Chandlers. Tumors are designated by grade — with Grade 1 being the least aggressive and Grade 4 being the most. Chandler’s tumor was a Grade 3. The average life expectancy in such cases, Barnett said, “is approximately two to three years”. The doctor said later, in an interview, he “believes Chandler will live longer because of the aggressive surgery, treatment and Chandler’s otherwise good health”.

Chandler said learning he had brain cancer was “kind of like getting punched in the gut. You take the shot, you try not to vomit, then you get back to doing what you do, believing what you believe.

“We never felt — still have not felt — betrayed by the Lord or abandoned by the Lord. I can honestly say, we haven’t asked the question, ‘Why?’ or wondered, ‘Why me, why not somebody else?’ We just haven’t gotten to that place. I’m not saying we won’t get there. I’m just saying it hasn’t happened yet.”

Matt Chandler Tattoo

In April 2022, Matt Chandler got a tattoo of St. George and the Dragon with Memento Mori underneath which means “Remember you will die”. Chandler shared a pic of his tattoo on Instagram, writing: “Well Lauren Chandler and I did a thing at Razzouk Tattoo in Jerusalem tonight. Razzouk is the oldest tattoo shop in the world and we’ve been talking about it for a while. Tonight seemed like the right moment. I got St. George and the Dragon with Memento Mori underneath which means “Remember you will die”. It’s how I want to spend the back half of my life. Killing dragons and staying low.”

Matt Chandler Height

Chandler stands at a height of 6 feet 5 inches.

Matt Chandler Instagram

Matt Chandler’s Instagram is @mattchandler74.