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Mark McCloskey is an Attorney at The McCloskey Law Center. He founded the law firm, McCloskey, P.C., in January 1994, according to his LinkedIn profile. The “about” section of his LinkedIn states: “We have focused our practice on the representation of individuals suffering brain/head injury, spinal cord injury, birth injuries, and all other serious injuries as the result of the negligence of others for over 29 years. If you have suffered devastating injury or the loss of a loved one as the result of car wrecks, airplane crash, medical errors, dangerous or defective products or machines, explosion, fire, falls, or through any other causes, let us help you put your lives back together. ‘If it wasn’t your fault, why are you paying for it?’”

According to Mark McCloskey’s biography on his law firm’s website, he “an AV rated attorney who has been nominated for dozens of awards and honors and has been voted by his peers for memberships to many exclusive ‘top rated lawyer’ and ‘multimillion dollar lawyer’ associations throughout the country.”

McCloskey’s biography adds: “Since 1986, he has exclusively represented individuals seriously injured as a result of accidents, medical malpractice, defective products, and the negligence of others. For the past 21 years, his firm has concentrated on the representation of people injured or killed through traumatic brain injuries, neck, back or other significant neurological or orthopedic injury.

“Mark T. McCloskey is licensed to practice law in the state and federal courts of Missouri, Illinois, Texas and the Federal Courts of Nebraska. Additionally, he has represented individuals injured through medical malpractice, dangerous products, automobiles, cars, motorcycles, boats, defective hand guns, airplane crashes, explosions, electrocution, falls, assaults, rapes, poisoning, fires, inadequate security, premises liability, dram shop liability (serving intoxicating patrons), excessive force by police, construction accidents, and negligent maintenance of premises (including retail establishments, parking lots, government property, homes, schools, playgrounds, apartments, commercial operations, parks and recreational facilities) for the past 30 years and has filed and tried personal injury lawsuits in over 28 states.”

Mark McCloskey graduated from Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day School in Ladue, Missouri, in 1975. He graduated magna cum laude from Southern Methodist University in Dallas in 1982, where he studied sociology, criminal justice and psychology before attending the Southern Methodist University of Law in 1985.

Mark McCloskey Age

Mark McCloskey is 63 years old.

Mark McCloskey Wife

Mark McCloskey has been married to his wife Patricia McCloskey since 1985. The couple met while studying at the Southern Methodist University Law School.

Mark McCloskey Children, Family

Mark McCloskey and Patricia McCloskey have a daughter.

Mark McCloskey Net Worth

Mark McCloskey’s net worth is unclear. According to St. Louis city property records, his property is appraised at $1.15 million.

St. Louis Couple Gun Drama

On June 28, 2020, Mark McCloskey and Patricia McCloskey, a St. Louis couple, were seen on video and in photos pointing guns at protesters who were walking by their home in St. Louis, Missouri. The couple came out of their house armed to prevent protesters from walking onto their property in the Forest Park area.

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