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Katya Jones Biography

Katya Jones born Ekaterina Andreevna Sokolova, is a Russian dancer and choreographer. She is popularly known as a professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing.

She holds a degree from the Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts.

Katya started dancing at the age of 6, training in gymnastics, singing, drawing, piano as well as Ballroom and Latin-American dancing.

In katya’s first Strictly Come Dancing season, she partnered politician Ed Balls, and they got to Week 10 of the competition and were nominated for a ‘Must See TV Moment’ BAFTA for their Gangnam Style routine. In 2017, she partnered actor Joe McFadden and they became the 2017 Strictly Champions.

Katya Jones Age

Katya was born on 12 May 1989 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Her father is Andrey Sokolov.

Katya Jones Husband

Katya is married to Strictly choreographer Neil Jones.

Katya Jones Wedding

Katya and Strictly Come Dancing choreographer Neil Jones married in a beautiful ceremony on 3 August 2013. The wedding was after five years of dating.

Katya Jones Height

She stands at 5′ 5″ (1.65 m).

Katya Jones Nationality

She is Russian.

Katya Jones Children

In an interview with OK! magazine, Katy and Neil expressed a desire to have children in the near future. Katya said about the baby plans, “It is in the very near future, but I don’t want to plan.” Neil added: “We’ve got ten nephews and nieces between us now. I love kids and Katya is great with them. This is one of the things you can’t plan, you need to just do it.” Katya added, “We said we’d like to have two biologically.”

Katya Jones and Seann Walsh

Katya and dance partner Seann Walsh were caught locking lips despite both Katya being married and Seann having a girlfriend in the street in London at around midnight on Wednesday October 03, 2018. As a result, Seann Walsh’s girlfriend Rebecca Humphries unfollowed Seann Walsh on Instagram. Katya and Sean Walsh have both apologised .

Katya posted on Twitter, “I’m so sorry about any offence or hurt I may have caused with my actions. I wasn’t thinking and it was a one-off mistake after some drinks. I love my husband and we are very happy together, this is not a reflection on our relationship.”

Also on Twitter, Seann Walsh said, “In light of the story in today’s newspaper I would like to offer my sincere apologies for my actions. This is no excuse but it was a one-off drunken mistake which I am truly sorry for.”

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