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Kara Tenae Biography – Kara Tenae Wiki

Kara Tenae is an R&B singer-songwriter originally from Riverside, California and now lives in Atlanta. She is a contestant on The Voice series 24 which is broadcast on NBC.

Kara started singing at a young age and her parents, impressed by her musical talent, placed her in piano lessons. Her music is influenced by artists like Michael Jackson, Beyonce, SWV, Missy Elliot, Whitney Houston, and Stevie Wonder.

From 2010 to 2013, she was part of a girl group trio that landed a recording contract at one point. Following the disbandment of the group, Kara drove for UBER for a while and would always sing for her customers.

She has been featured in a commercial as a singing UBER driver showing off her talent alongside Julia Michaels. That commercial aired during the 60th Grammy Awards in early 2018.

The Atlanta resident has also released solo music, including a 2018 single called “Body Heat” and a 2022 four-song EP called “Faith Over Fear.”

She explained that title in an interview with Canvas Rebel, saying: “As talented as I am, I still would let fear paralyze my movement towards ultimate success because of past experiences in the music industry that I had to face. When I finally decided to really invest in myself and put out music, that’s when things would start to open up for me. I had to lean on my faith as opposed to leaning on fear. ”

As the EP was about to be released, Kara wrote on Facebook: “The vocals for my debut EP “F.O.F” are done and I’m so excited! The Most High has been guiding each step. It’s been such a flowing, unforced, and healthy process that just FEELS RIGHT. ”

She also released music videos for two of the songs on the EP — “Undecided” and “Outside.” In an interview earlier in 2023 prior to a performance in London, Kara called “Outside” her favorite song on the EP because “it just has an energy to it that embodies who I am as a young woman.”

The 33-year-old has also been posting covers to her YouTube channel consistently.

Kara Tenae Age

As of 2023, she is 33 years old. She was born in Riverside, California.

Kara Tenae The Voice

Tenae is a contestant in season 24 of NBC’s The Voice Blind Auditions. She sang a cover of Ella Mai’s “Boo’d Up.”

“You started off really subtle and nice, and then went off on these crazy [vocal] runs — [which is] just when Gwen and I turned,” said Horan. “Really nice tone; great song choice… It was so impressive to watch!”

Singer-songwriter Tenae’s talent inspired stiff competition among the three Coaches who turned. Reba McEntire said, “I was blown away. It comes from your inner soul. I could see you coming down in your diaphragm and it just coming out past your heart. And it touched me so deeply. Your vocal range is incredible… Shoot, if I could do those [vocal] runs like her, I’d put an album out! — Reba Does the Runs!’’

Meanwhile, Stefani used her California-bred music cred to win Kara over, shouting out a big “Cali girls!” salute before getting to the real heart of the matter.

“I think that I’m good at helping people find the actual emotion of the song but also showcase their talent,” she said. “You have so much style; you’ve got swag; you’ve got personality; you’ve got stage presence — you have it all! If you want to work with me, you have another ‘girl.’ We can bounce off each other and, like, get to the next level!”

She chose Team Gwen Stefani.

“You’re all doubting me, but nope: Here we are — I’m baaaack!” Stefani bragged after landing Tenae as a late addition to her squad: “It feels really good to beat Reba and Niall. I’m super excited to have Kara on my team. She’s a full-package deal: She’s gorgeous, she has a beautiful voice, she has cool style!”

“I picked Gwen because she’s going to stretch me in areas that I probably can’t even imagine,” Tenae said.


The R&B singer is American. She hails from Riverside, California.


Kara Tenae’s Instagram handle is @karatenae.