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Julian Pearson Biography – Julian Pearson Wiki

Julian Pearson (full name Julian D’Metrius Pearson) is the son of Carlton Pearson and Gina Marie Gauthier. He is the grandson of Adam Louis Pearson and has a sister, Majeste Amour Pearson, born on October 29, 1996.

Julian Pearson Age

Julian Pearson was born on July 9, 1994 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. On his 22nd birthday on July 9, 2016, his father Carlton Pearson took to social media to pay tribute to the son.

Carlton wrote on Facebook: “Today is my son Julian’s 22nd birthday. It’s hard to believe our cute little boy has grown to be the charming and handsome young man he is so seemingly quickly. He’ll always be my hero and champion son. We are close as father and son as well as deeply connected friends. I love him dearly and believe in him absolutely! Happy earth and birthday Julian D’Metrius Pearson.”

Julian Pearson Girlfriend

Julian is dating his girlfriend Kinidee.

Julian Pearson Instagram

Julian Pearson’s Instagram handle is @jkrown.