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Juanita Bynum Biography

Juanita Bynum is an American Pentecostal televangelist, Bible teacher, author, actress, singer, preacher and prophetess. She was born on January 16, 1959 in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

She is the CEO of Juanita Bynum Enterprises, a multi-faceted lifestyle and empowerment product company based in New York.

Bynum attended Saints Academy High School of the Church of God in Christ in Lexington, Mississippi. She received many starring roles in school productions such as, My Fair Lady.

She fellowshipped at St. Luke Church of God in Christ and after graduating from high school, she started preaching in nearby churches and at revivals. She gained some recognition and began a series of “Lessons in Submission”.

Bishop T.D. Jakes invited Bynum to attend one of his singles’ conferences in 1997. In two years, she rose from an attendee to to a speaker at the conferences.

In 1997, Bynum released “No More Sheets,” a video and audiotape series about her changed lifestyle. In July 1999, Bynum re-preached “No More Sheets” at T.D. Jakes’ 52,000 attendee Woman, Thou Art Loosed! Conference in Atlanta. She began appearing regularly on the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

After mounting the platform of Bishop Jakes Singles Conference to minister “No More Sheets”, Bynum quickly became a worldwide voice in ministry. Her ministry grew to music, literary works, television and radio.

As a singer, she has produced nine musical projects and is an RIAA Certified Platinum Selling Gospel Recording Artist.

She has graced the covers of Charisma Magazine, Essence Magazine, Upscale Magazine, Spirit Led Women Magazine and others.

Bynum has also acted in movies and television shows such as Mama, I Want to Sing” opposite Lynn Whitfield and Ciara, ABC Family Lincoln Heights and Divorce Court with Judge Toler.

In 2009, she spoke at Vision Church in Atlanta during an ordination service for a homosexual minister. During her talk, part of which was posted online, Bynum praised the congregation for providing financial support and other aid during her divorce and subsequent tax problems.

Juanita Bynum Age

She was born on January 16, 1959 in Chicago, Illinois, United States as one of five children of Elder Thomas Bynum Sr. and Katherine Bynum. Her four siblings are Janice, Kathy, Regina, and Thomas.

Juanita Bynum Husband

Bynum was married to Thomas Wesley Weeks, III from 2002 to 2008. The marriage ended after her husband plead guilty to aggravated assault charges.

Juanita Bynum Wedding

Bynum married Thomas Wesley Weeks, III in 2002. They met at a Starbucks café. In Ebony magazine, Bynum speaking about the wedding said, “This was my once-in-a-lifetime wedding, and I did it this way because I plan to stay married.”

is Juanita Bynum Married?

Bynum has been married twice. Her first marriage was during the early 1980’s. She turned to divorce due to domestic abuse, vowing not to talk about what had transpired. Her
second marriage was to Thomas Wesley Weeks, III in 2002 and ending in divorce in 2008.

Juanita Bynum Divorce

She has divorced twice. Speaking about her divorce to her second husband, Bishop Thomas Weeks III, who she said he physically abused her.

“That abuse that I suffered was because I attracted after my own kind,” she stated. “That abuse was already sitting in me. I had already abused myself mentally and emotionally for years, trying to fill a void that only the power of purpose can fill.”

Juanita Bynum Net Worth

Juanita Bynum has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

Juanita Bynum Gay

In her book “No More Sheets,” Bynum revealed that she once had been involved in lesbianism. In 2012, on the Frank & Wanda in the Morning show, she said, “I’ve done the drugs, you know, I’ve been with men, I’ve been with women.”

Juanita Bynum Child

This information is been updated.

Juanita Bynum Books

  • Praying From The Third Dimension Workbook
  • No More Sheets: Starting Over
  • 40 Days to Starting Over: No More Sheets Challenge
  • The Juanita Bynum Topical Bible
  • Matters Of The Heart: Stop trying to fix the old – let God give you something new
  • The Threshing Floor
  • My Spiritual Inheritance: Walking in your destiny
  • Don’t Get Off the Train: En Route to Your Divine Destination
  • My Spiritual Inheritance Study Guide: Companion Study Guide
  • Matters of the Heart Devotions for Women
  • The Threshing Floor by Juanita Bynum
  • Morning Glory: Devotional
  • Walking in Your Destiny
  • A Heart for Jesus
  • Experiencing His Presence: The Threshing Floor devotional
  • Heart Matters: Loving God the Way He Loves You
  • Juanita Bynum 3 Books in One
  • No More Sheets: Devotional
  • The Planted Seed: The Immutable Laws of Sowing and Reaping
  • Matters Of The Heart Study Guide: Companion Study Guide
  • Matters Of The Heart: Stop trying to fix the old – let God give you something new by Juanita Bynum
  • My Spiritual Inheritance Devotional
  • Experiencing His Presence: The Threshing Floor devotional by Juanita Bynum
  • When You Think You Don’t Have a Prayer

Juanita Bynum Albums

  • The Diary Of Juanita Bynum II (2012)
  • The Diary Of Juanita Bynum: Soul Cry (Oh, Oh, Oh) (2010)
  • More Passion (2010)
  • Pour My Love On You (2008)
  • Christmas at Home with Juanita (2006)
  • Gospel Goes Classical (2006)
  • A Piece of My Passion (2005)
  • Behind The Veil: Morning Glory II aka Morning Glory, Volume 2: Be Still (2000)
  • Morning Glory aka Morning Glory, Volume 1: Peace (1999)

Juanita Bynum Songs

  • I Don’t Mind Waiting
  • Behind the Veil
  • You Are Great
  • Like the Dew
  • Overflow
  • Jesus, What a Wonder
  • Peace
  • Shake Us Again
  • Psalms 23
  • Soul Cry
  • Above All Else
  • I Need You To Survive
  • Forever Grateful
  • One Night With The King
  • I Will Wait for You
  • Any Crown
  • You Are You Are
  • In The Silence
  • We Wait
  • He’s a Wonder in My Soul
  • Show Me Your Face
  • Morning Glory
  • Still
  • Break Forth Praise
  • My Life
  • I Pour My Love on You
  • I’m Gonna Move Among You
  • Make Me Careful
  • Holy Spirit Fill This Room
  • Heart’s Desire
  • Holy
  • My Soul Seeks to Please Him

Juanita Bynum – Video

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