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Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon Biography – Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon Wiki

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon is a contestant on Season 17 of American Idol and singer.

When Jeremiah first began writing music, he performed at the Lynchstock Music Festival in Lynchburg, Virginia, for three consecutive years. He wound up releasing a self-titled EP under a Virginia record label called Harding Street Assembly Lab. Prior to his Idol audition, he released a single called “Learn to Love.”

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon Age

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon is 26 years old. He was born on October 9, 1992 in Alexandria, Louisiana and spent most of his childhood in Tennessee and Arkansas and Missouri. Also he was back and forth to Baltimore.

Jeremiah Lloyd harmon Boyfriend

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon is openly gay and is dating his boyfriend John. The two met when they walked by each other at the YMCA in Kingsville, Maryland, and Jeremiah realized he recognized John from matching with him on Tinder a year prior. He wound up boldly approaching John with his phone number, and they went out to dinner that night. They’ve been together ever since!

John has been supporting him throughout his American Idol journey. When Jeremiah’s family couldn’t make many of his performances at the beginning of the show, John was there.

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon American Idol

He auditioned with an original song called “Almost Heaven.” Speaking with Bobby Bones ahead of his performance in Hawaii, Harmon revealed that he chose Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” because of his emotional connection to the song.

Harmon said, “I remember one day after having a tough conversation with my parents, I went to bed that night and listened to that song and really connected to it. I want my parents to know that I love them no matter what and that I’m sorry for disappointing them and not turning out to be everything that they dreamed of.”

After his performance of “Landslide,” Katy Perry, who is also a pastor’s kid, told him: “You’re a pastor’s kid. I’m a pastor’s kid. We have a lot in common. I don’t know about you, but for me, I was always being watched. Then I started to find my true voice. Can you imagine when my first single was “I Kissed a Girl” and my parents, how they reacted? It was difficult for me because I felt very alone in what is supposed to be a very exciting time in my life. It has taken some time, but we’ve all come around to agree to disagree. I just want to say from one pastor’s kid to another that I see you and I love you and I accept you and I’m so proud of you.”

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon Education

Jeremiah enrolled at Liberty University in Virginia and dropped out three times before finally enrolling at Towson University where he is a vocal performance major. He was expected to graduate in spring 2019. He’s had to put that on hold for Idol. Just days into the spring semester, which began in January, Jeremiah made the decision to hold on schooling to focus on his music career and the show.

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon Parents – Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon Family

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon is the son of a pastor and grew up in a religious family. When he came out as gay to his parents, his family was not totally accepting of him. In an interview with Out magazine, Jeremiah explained that he’s not completely estranged from his family, as the show makes it seem. He said, “I’ve never said that my parents have rejected me or don’t accept me as me, their son. It’s not like they totally outcasted me. It’s just…I was living with my parents, and our differences caused me to decide to make an alternative living situation for myself. At the heart of it, we have our differences, but we still love each other no matter what.”

On March 28, 2019, he posted an Instagram photo of a visit with his sister and her husband.


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So good seeing my sis and her hubby this morning 🖤

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He also posted another with his dad and captiond it, “I’m here for you and you for me NO MATTER WHAT @JerryRHarmon,” he wrote. “Love you Dad.”

Jeremiah Lloyd harmon Father’s Church

Jeremiah was working as a janitor in his father’s church before he auditioned on American Idol.

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon Songs

  • War Parade
  • Through Confusion
  • St. Charice
  • Learn to Love
  • Cali Cab

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