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Jentezen Franklin Biography – Jentezen Franklin Wiki

Jentezen Franklin is an American evangelical pastor, author, and televangelist. He was born on July 21, 1962, in Wilson, North Carolina, US, to Billy and Katie Franklin as one of their five children. He is the senior pastor of Free Chapel Church, a multi-campus church in Gainesville, Georgia.

Franklin studied tenor saxophone at the then Atlantic Christian College, now Barton College in Wilson, North Carolina. His elder brother Richie was also in the same college as Franklin. Franklin left college after his brother graduated and pursued the ministry under the guidance of his father eventually becoming an evangelist in the Church of God.

Franklin was formally installed as pastor of Free Chapel after Roy Wellborn, then senior pastor of Free Chapel died in 1989.

Franklin opened the second Free Chapel church in Irvine, California in 2007. Franklin opened a Gwinnett Church in Suwanee, Georgia in 2014 and in 2016 Jentezen Franklin expanded Free Chapel to South Carolina in Spartanburg.

Franklin’s television program Kingdom Connection is broadcast each week all over the world on major networks such as TBN and The Church Channel. Jentezen Franklin Ministries host three annual conferences focusing on the whole family. Forward student conference, Divine women’s conference, and One Marriage Conference, All conferences feature today’s most inspiring speakers and musical guests.

Franklin is a winner of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Mantle of Destiny Award for his efforts on racial reconciliation.

Jentezen Franklin Family

Jentezen Franklin was born to Billy and Katie Franklin. He has two older brothers, Doyle Franklin and Richie Franklin, and two younger sisters, Jennifer Franklin and Jill Franklin. His elder brother Richie Franklin died on December 1, 2012.

Jentezen Franklin Wife

Franklin married his wife Cherise Franklin in September 1987. They have five children: Courteney Franklin, Caressa Franklin, Caroline Franklin, Connar Franklin, and Drake Franklin.

Jentezen Franklin Children

Jentezen Franklin has five children: Courteney Franklin, Caressa Franklin, Caroline Franklin, Connar Franklin, and Drake Franklin.

Jentezen Franklin Grandchildren

Jentezen and his wife Cherise have four grandchildren.

Jentezen Franklin Salary – Jentezen Franklin Annual Salary

Information about Franklin’s monthly and annual income will be updated soon.

Jentezen Franklin Net Worth

Information about Jentezen Franklin’s net worth is being updated.

Jentezen Franklin Home

Franklin has homes in Gainesville, Georgia and Irvine, California, U.S.

Jentezen Franklin Fasting

Each year Jentezen Franklin Media Ministries leads the charge for a world-wide 21-day fast. Jentezen Franklin Media Ministries believe fasting is a spiritual discipline all Believers are called to do, and while your experience is personal, the power and effectiveness that comes from corporate fasting is unmatched.

Jentezen Franklin Books

Jentezen Franklin is a New York Times best-selling author. He has written several books. They include:

  • Fasting: (Volume I) Private Discipline That Brings Public Reward (2004)
  • Fasting: (Volume II) Opening A Door To God’s Promises (2005)
  • The Amazing Discernment of Women: Learning to Understand Your Spiritual Intuition And God’s Plan for It (2006)
  • Right People, Right Place, Right Plan (2007)
  • Right People, Right Place, Right Plan Devotional: 30 Days of Discerning the Voice of God (2008)
  • Fasting: Opening the door to a deeper, more intimate, more powerful relationship with God (2008)
  • Fasting Journal: Your Personal 21-Day Guide to a Successful Fast (2008)
  • Believe That You Can (2008)
  • Fasting Study Guide: 5-Week Interactive Study Resource (2009)
  • Fear Fighters: How to Live with Confidence in a World Driven by Fear (2009)
  • Right People Right Place Right Plan (2011)
  • The Fasting Edge: Recover your passion. Recapture your dream. Restore your joy. (2011)
  • Fasting Student Edition: Go Deeper and Further with God
  • Than Ever Before (2012)
  • The Spirit of Python: Exposing Satan’s Plan to Squeeze the Life Out of You (2013)

Jentezen Franklin Interview with Daystar for the February edition of Daystar’s monthly newsletter

Tell us about your early days of ministry as a young evangelist and traveling with your brother and how you decided to become a pastor.

Jentezen Franklin: I started in ministry with my brother Richie when he was a senior in college and I was a sophomore. I was in college on a full-ride music scholarship with the dream of becoming a professional saxophone player. That summer after my sophomore year, I started traveling with Richie, doing music while he preached. During that time, God called me to preach. At first I was terrified – I wasn’t used to speaking in front of people and I was very shy – the whole idea was intimidating and overwhelming. However, I clearly heard God speak to my heart that I was to be a preacher, and He even confirmed this through my mother, so I decided to lay everything down and follow God’s call in my life.

My brother let me preach for him at one of his revivals, and while my first sermon was only ten minutes long, God used it powerfully, and it set me down the path to where I am today. Despise not the day of small beginnings!

How did you and Cherise meet?

Jentezen Franklin: I’d been traveling on the road with Richie for 3 years preaching at revivals, but after a time he got married and we decided to go our separate ways, so at 25 years old I was preaching on my own. I was speaking at a camp that was attending as a camper, and I knew there was something special about her. After camp was over I introduced myself and mentioned that I would be in Atlanta soon and that she should meet me there. Well, she ended up meeting me, and that’s when we started dating.

Do you have any good stories from your dating years?

Jentezen Franklin: Yes! The night I told her I loved her, we’d been dating for a while and I knew that I wanted things to keep moving forward. So I told her that I loved her, and at first she didn’t say anything back! Complete silence. I thought I might have completely misjudged the relationship, so I started backpedaling a bit, but she finally interrupted me and said that she loved me too. It turns out that her mom and aunt had told her that I would tell her that I loved her that evening, but she hadn’t believed them. So when I said those words to her, she was in complete shock!

How long have the two of you been married?

Jentezen Franklin: We’ve been married for 27 years now [as at 2015].

Talk a little about how you balanced your marriage, raising a family and pastoring a church.

Jentezen Franklin: You just have to set priorities. I haven’t always been great with that, but I feel that I’ve always let my family know that they have the priority. You don’t have to pin the family against the church, as some would say. We’ve never experienced any negativity with this and my children have all grown up inside the church. I do think it’s important to guard what you say about the church though. Just as you would with any secular job, you have to learn how to not bring it up every night at the dinner table or in every conversation – learn how to turn it off sometimes. Planning non-negotiable things like vacations and birthday celebrations into my schedule has also helped in this area. Also, having Cherise and all the kids involved in the ministry throughout the years has been extremely helpful. Whether it’s helping out at the church or traveling on the road with me, they feel included in every aspect of what I do.

Did you have any idea that you would have a big family?

Jentezen Franklin: No, but my mother came from a family of 27 children, and I grew up in a family of 5 siblings, so I guess we were sort of destined to have a big family.

Could you have ever imagined that God would do all that He has done in your life and ministry?

Jentezen Franklin: No, but I always believed God could do something significant in and through my life. I always encourage people to dream big and follow God’s dreams for your life – you could be dreaming about one thing, but his plan is so much bigger and greater than anything you could ever imagine!

How important is television in reaching the world with the gospel?

Jentezen Franklin: Television is critical because it can go to areas that we can never go physically. Plus, it’s a fulfilment of prophecy because when the gospel is preached into all the world, the end will come. It helps us to reach people who speak different languages across the globe that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach.

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