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Jamie Lumley Biography – Jamie Lumley Wiki

Jamie Lumley (born James Lumley) is a British photographer and artist known for his work on The Midnight Sky (2020), Breathtaking (2000), and Harrigan (2013). He worked as a production manager in The Vice of 2001. He is also the only son of actress Joanna Lumley. His father is photographer Michael Claydon. However, his parents never got married.

Jamie started taking photographs when he was six years old, but his professional career started in 1999 when he studied professional photographic practice at the London College of Printing. Since then, Jamie has worked on assignments in Borneo and Nepal, and he travels frequently around the UK – creating informal and formal portraits, capturing corporate events and weddings, detailing locations and long-running construction projects and presenting urban and rural landscapes for exhibition. His work has been shown in London, Poland, Paris and Bejing and he exhibits with the Cynthia Corbett Gallery.

When he is not taking pictures Jamie teaches photography in schools as well as to trainee location managers and private clients. He lives in Lossiemouth, Moray with his wife Tessa, their two daughters and numerous pets.

Jamie Lumley Age

He was born on October 16, 1967, in Canterbury, United Kingdom. He resides in Scotland.

Jamie Lumley Wife

Is Jamie Lumley married? He married his wife, Teresa Gibbs, in 2002.

Jamie Lumley Children

He has two children, Alice Daisy Lumley, born in 2003, and Emily Kate Lumley, born in 2004.

Jamie Lumley Parents

He is the only son of actress Joanna Lumley. His father is photographer Michael Claydon. His grandparents are James Rutherford Lumley and Beatrice Rose Weir.

Jamie Lumley Instagram

Jamie Lumley’s Instagram handle is @lumleypictures. His Instagram bio reads: “Husband, Father, photographer, therapist, vinyl fan, Moray dweller, Scotland loving Londoner, ancient ice hockey player & Defender owner.”

Jamie Lumley Net Worth

Jamie Lumley’s net worth is unclear. His mother, Joanna Lumley, has a net worth of $20 million.

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