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James Broad Biography – James Broad Wiki

James “JB” Broad is an antiques dealer, auctioneer and auction manager at Whittaker & Biggs Auctions Rooms and currently appearing in BBC1’s “The Bidding Room”.

Antiques dealer JB spent his childhood around antiques and soon caught the “antique bug”. He’d spend every weekend visiting car boots, fairs and charity shops buying bits and pieces and once he was a little older, selling them on to other local dealers whilst making a mediocre profit.

His passion for antiques intensified when he took on a position at a local auction house where he was taught the basics of antiques and how auctions work. He then went on to spend 6 months learning the tricks of the trade, working at a retro furniture business – Joel Poole (AKA Populuxe Home Boutique).

In 2016 – at the age of 21 – JB quit his job and started James Broad Interiors (JBI). In 2019, he was asked to join the panel of “distinguished dealers” on the BBC1 daytime TV show – The Bidding Room. During the COVID-19 pandemic, James took on hours as a porter & auctioneer at Whittaker & Biggs auction house where he had started his love affair with antiques. At the start of 2020, he went full-time there being promoted to Auction Room Manager.

James Broad Age

The Bidding Room dealer James Broad was born in 1995.

James Broad Bidding Room Married

Is James Broad Bidding Room married? The antiques dealer is engaged to his girlfriend Emma Pawsey. James and Emma met in February 2017 and got engaged on December 19, 2021. James announced the good news of their engagement on Instagram, writing, “Yesterday the most exciting thing happened, I asked the love of my life to marry me and she actually said YES. Emma is a girl who has stood by me through everything, she’s made me laugh more than you could imagine, she’s beautiful inside and out and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her. If you have a glass in your hand (which you should do as it’s nearly Christmas) please raise it to the most incredible girl I’ve ever met, my fiancé – Emma Pawsey ❤”

Emma is a member of the team at James Broad Interiors. She officially joined James Broad Interiors in August 2020 and takes on the majority of the tasks behind the scenes for JBI – collection, minimal restoration & photography of new stock, packaging & posting smaller sold items, arranging couriers & occasionally delivering items herself, along with all social media & marketing. She has worked mainly in the interior design industry for close to a decade.

James Broad The Bidding Room

James Broad is one of the dealers on BBC1’s The Bidding Room. He was asked in 2019 to join the panel of “distinguished dealers” on a new BBC1 daytime TV show – The Bidding Room.

JB penned on his personal website how he got to be on The Bidding Room. He wrote: “All the way back at the start of 2019, I had an email in my inbox from someone that had found me on LinkedIn asking if I would be interested in applying to be part of a potential new daytime TV show based around antiques. All I had to do was film a 30 second video introducing myself and send it over. Sounds easy, but I am one of the worst people for talking about myself and honestly don’t think I have ever taken a selfie so definitely felt pretty awkward videoing myself!

“I was then asked to come to a casting day in London and to bring along a couple of small items of mine as well to help with the process. So of course I dragged Emma along with me so she could sit in a café and look at mortgages (we were in the process of buying our first house at the time!) while I went off to audition with a number of other very talented dealers.

“Once we got back to sunny Cheshire, I cracked on with my day to day life, buying & selling antiques all the while waiting for a call to come though until one day, it did! I couldn’t believe it when Adam called me to say they wanted me to be one of the “distinguished dealers” on their panel.”

James Broad Interiors

James Broad is the founder and owner of James Broad Interiors, an antique store in Congleton, England, United Kingdom. He founded JBI in 2016. JBI has seen many changes ever since it was started from Timeline-Interiors, to Timeline Vintage to now being James Broad Interiors.

James Broad The Bidding Room Instagram

James Broad’s Instagram handle is @jamesbroadinteriors.