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Gabrielle Biography – Gabrielle Wiki

Gabrielle is a 33-year-old private chef from Wandsworth, London. She works for a private household in London. The chef is a contestant in the 2023 series of MasterChef: The Professionals.

She has been a chef for 11 years, working on super yachts, exclusive villas and high-end sports venues.

Gabrielle’s first chef job was during a six-month ski season working as a Chalet chef. A client she had met during her ski season asked her to come work on their yacht for the summer, which led to Gabrielle spending nine years working at sea. She has worked for two high-profile private clients and now works for a household.

She got into cooking at a very young age. Her mother taught her how to cook by the age of seven. She said, “She taught me to cook from a very young age, and I could cook a decent beef ragu by the age of seven. She also loved to entertain. Big parties with family and friends were common and she’d always take the time and effort to create elaborate, delicious feasts. One dish which stands out in my memory is her famous smoked salmon and spinach roulade – it was the 90s after all!”

She added, “My dad also loved to entertain and I would often cook for his friends, even writing and illustrating menus. Looking back, they were very brave to trust me with their catering at the age of 10.”

She describes her cooking style as relaxed refinement. Good food served with elegance and creativity. She values health and loves to bring it to her cooking. She utilizes her degree in nutrition in her cooking.

Her cooking inspiration comes from the years she has travelled weaving together ingredients and flavours from different international cuisines, cultures and food traditions to create delicious combinations.

She said, “I put a focus on treating my ingredients with respect and creativity, allowing my cooking to bring out and celebrate the elements of a dish rather than transforming them. I am a very visual person and plating beautifully is very important to me. We eat with our eyes first, so I enjoy thinking about the design of food on a plate. I use colours, shapes, textures, and layers not only to create something attractive but also to elevate the original idea into something more special.”

Other than cooking, she values being active. She did her first triathlon in 2023. She also loves sailing after working on yachts for years and taking part in sailing regattas. Gabrielle spends her free time painting, mostly inspired by photos taken during her many years at sea.

Gabrielle Age

Chef Gabrielle is 33 years old as of 2023. She was born in Wandsworth, London, UK.

Gabrielle Husband

The 33-year-old chef is not married yet. However, she is in a relationship and engaged to her fiancé Chris. The pair now live in London, UK.

Gabrielle MasterChef: The Professionals

Chef Gabrielle appeared as a contestant on MasterChef: The Professionals in 2023.

Asked for the reason she wanted to take part in MasterChef: The Professionals, she stated that she wanted to challenge herself to continue growing her skills as a private chef and expand the boundaries of her creativity and ability.

She added, “Competing in MasterChef: The Professionals is reigniting that passion for me. I am already excited about new ideas, challenging myself to try more advanced skills and to grow as a chef. I would love to be able to widen the types of cooking work I do – be able to create more menus, work with other chefs and restaurants doing interesting, exciting things within our food culture.”

Gabrielle Parents

The London-based private chef was brought up by a single parent – her mother. Her mother ran her own business and taught Gabrielle how to cook from a very young age.

She also had her father growing up who would entertain, cook for friends, and write and illustrate menus.


Gabrielle’s Instagram handle is @gabriellemasefield.