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Ethan is Supreme Biography – Ethan is Supreme Wiki

Ethanisupreme/Ethan is Supreme real name Ethan Peters was an Instagram star, beauty influencer, makeup artist, and Youtuber. He had amassed over 525,000 followers on Instagram and 138,000 subscribers on YouTube. The description section of his Youtube chanel reads, “Hey guys! So this is my YouTube channel! I just wanna post beauty tutorials, makeup reviews, fashion, and some funny content you guys from my instagram will enjoy! Be sure to check out my Instagram @Ethanisupreme.”
He also started his own clothing brand, Hellboy, which sold sunglasses, t-shirts, hoodies, and chains.

Ethan is Supreme Age

Ethan is Supreme was born on March 8, 2003. He died on September 5, 2020. He was 17 years old.

Ethan is Supreme Death

Ethan is Supreme died on September 5, 2020, at the age of 17. His death was confirmed by fellow influencer Ava Louise on Twitter. Louise tweeted: “My best friend in the entire world, my twin flame…..the only person there for me when I had no one. I love you Ethan, I am at a loss for words. I wish I knew how bad it was. I know what you’d want me to say to the Internet rn but I’m to heartbroken to say it. Rip ❤️”

Louise said in another tweet: “Ethan had an addiction and addiction should not be shamed. I’m openly discussing his cause of death to save the next kid from a perc. He was so bright and so smart. He needed to live. He was more than his demons and you all are to. Please get help.”

Ava Louise also paid tribute to Ethan is Supreme on Instagram. She wrote, “He was the only person I spoke to for months. I was all alone and struggling and Ethan inspired me again. He was here with me for my birthday 2 weeks ago and I’m so thankful I got to spend it with him… We had our last FaceTime call last night and I am so so so sorry I cut it short.”

Louise continued, “I can’t breathe. This is the worst pain I ever felt. I’ve lost friends but never a best friend. Ethan saw me through my lows and celebrated my highs with me. He was so much more than what you all saw online. His amazing parents have been parents to me when mine haven’t been the best, so please respect their privacy at this time. Ethan f***ng Peters, I’m gunna make sure your legacy lives on. You were meant for so much. The smartest teenager I knew. I hope there’s an afterlife and you’re doing wild sh#t up there I really f***ing do.”

Ethan is Supreme Cause of Death

Ethan is Supreme’s cause of death was an apparent drug overdose. According to his best friend Ava Louise, Peters took two percocets, a highly addictive opioid pain medication. Louise tweeted: “2 percs killed my best friend. ONLY 2.”

Ethan is Supreme Net Worth

Ethan is Supreme’s net worth was estimated to be $500 000.

Ethan is Supreme Instagram

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